Wednesday 21 Jan #1 – Tour Diary

first_imgGive us a rundown of your day?Today was a relaxing day, where the team was able to sleep in and rest up until 2:30pm. We all gathered at this time for a team meeting to discuss and review what will be going on for the next few days, injury concerns and what needs to be done before game one on Friday. After the meeting we went to Waiwera Hot Springs to relax in the team environment.How is the team shaping up for the 2010 Trans Tasman?The team is looking very sharp and confident for the up coming Trans Tasman. Everyone is excited and looking forward to game one on Friday.What is the Atmosphere like in the team?The Team atmosphere is very special. The team has bonded like no other team I have played in. Being so close makes it easier for us to play together on the field.After a strong performance in the 2009 Trans Tasman series, what can we expect out of you this year?Personally I am just looking to play my role for the team which Bernie has given me. We also have a lot more set up attacking plays and looking forward to running them out on the field.Who is your most annoying team mate to room with? Explain?This is an easy question. Tony Eltakchi is easily the most annoying person to room with. He is always walking around in his g strings listening and dancing to his 1980’s music. My other 2 room mates, Ryan Pollock and Peter Norman are also very annoying.Touch Football Australia would like to thank Ben for answering some questions to give the Touch Football community back home an update of what has been happening on the Tour.last_img

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