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Reviving an endangered language in the age of social media

first_imgIn Alaska, the number of fluent Haida speakers has dwindled down into the single digits. It’s been called an endangered language. But in Juneau, one group is trying to change that. Haida Language Learners is using YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram to reach a wider audience.Download AudioEmily Rose Edenshaw-Chafin shows me her phone. She’s been using a flashcard app to practice Haida. It’s totally customizable. She can create the cards and share them with teachers and friends. On one of the cards is a picture of a horse grazing in a field, and it’s broken down into cuts of meat — labeled Gyuudáan Kiʼíi eehl Hl ʼwáadaagang.“And then the second one is a cartoon, the one in English that says ‘I have horse meat for sale.’ It’s a picture of a horse head inside a burger,” Edenshaw says.Not a real horse head, part of a costume.“For me, it makes it funny and it makes it more interesting,” she says.The Haida arrived in Southeast a few hundred years ago. Some left their ancestral home of Haida Gwaii, which is now part of Canada. They settled in villages on Prince of Wales Island. Edenshaw says the Haida language’s grammar structure is similar to Spanish. And like Spanish, it can sound like a foreign language.“And being Native you’re disappointed that you don’t know your own heritage and language. It’s hard to work past that sometimes,” she says.Edenshaw has practiced Haida for over a decade. Her family moved to Hydaburg when she was a kid, and she started picking words up.“You know, like thank you: Háw’aa. Hágwsdaa: hurry up. You hear that one a lot.”But she says it was hard to learn more complex phrases. In college, she was able to take a free class taught by a linguist.“I really fell in love with the language. I wanted to write poetry in Haida. I wanted to dream in Haida, so I continued to practice with it.”She says part of that meant finding someone to speak Haida with, to use words and phrases that are relevant in conversation today. Edenshaw met Susie Lee Edwardson in Haida class.In their YouTube video, a picture of Grumpy Cat flashes on the screen. You know, Grumpy cat. The feline celebrity meme. Edwardson repeats the word híndaa or “go away.”It has more than 200 views. Their YouTube Channel has about 145 subscribers, which may not seem like a lot. But remember, Alaska’s fluent Haida speakers are in the single digits. Edwardson has only been studying it for about three years, and says she didn’t grow up speaking the language. Her parents spoke a word here and there.“It didn’t really connect with me as it was a part of me,” Edwardson says. “But when I got into college and I started learning the language with my family, it felt really good and it felt like you were going into a community that you were a part of all your life.”The number of fluent Haida speakers has been declining for the past 100 years. Many boarding schools run by the federal government and missionaries enforced strict bans on Native languages. Edwardson says it’s a serious topic, but they’re trying to make learning Haida fun. It’s involved some compromise.She took down one of their YouTube videos because some found it offensive. In that video, she says the Haida word for penis. OK, maybe they went a little farther and said “tiny penis.” But Edwardson says they don’t want to offend anyone.“Like the little radical in me is like, ‘it’s the language,’” Edwardson says. “But at the same time we want it to be accessible. And if families are going through the YouTube videos and there’s something they don’t want them to learn yet, I don’t want them to stay away from the language.”Then there’s also the issue of finding ways to express modern notions. But Edenshaw says that’s totally doable.“We ask the elders what would make this work. What can we do to translate this into Haida?” Edenshaw says. “So we’ll all understand it and then we can use just Haida vocabulary and our thoughts and what we’re doing nowadays.”The Haida phrase for computer literally means “the box that knows everything.” A cellphone is a “purse phone” or “wallet phone.” Spinach is “iron leaf.”And she says having the web to connect with others has been huge. Haida Language Learners has received messages from a teenage fan in New York. They’ve helped people in remote communities say goodbye to a loved one at a funeral in Haida.Edenshaw recently quit her day job to focus on language revitalization full-time. She wants people to know Haida isn’t dead.“We can bring back the language. We can’t bring back every single part of the culture but we can bring back the important parts that will make us feel whole and make us feel right in the world.”She hasn’t dreamed in Haida yet. But she is writing poetry.last_img read more

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Mallott Murkowski try to put human face on King Cove road

first_imgAleutians East Borough Mayor Stanley Mack and Sen. Lisa Murkowski prepare to meet with reporters in the Senate Press Gallery. Photo: Liz Ruskin/APRNLt. Gov. Byron Mallott joined residents of King Cove in Washington, D.C. this morning to make another plea for a road between King Cove and the all-weather airport in Cold Bay.Download AudioMallott likens the road effort to other public land-use conflicts, in which, he says, federal policymakers put concern for wildlife habitat and the “national interest” ahead of the needs of rural Alaskans.“In order to preserve something that’s called ‘the greater good,’ our lives are minimized, marginalized and in many ways consciously — consciously! — determined to be unimportant, to the point where we become faceless,” he said.Mallott spoke at a hearing called by Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who says she’s trying to attach faces to the issue for Washington to see. Della Trumble, a witness from King Cove, says she’s been trying to get a road for 35 years, and Alaska’s congressional delegation has tried since at least the 1990s. Road proponents say residents need a way out in bad weather, especially during medical emergencies.But 11 miles of the road would have to be built in the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge.“This refuge is one of the most vital and extraordinary wildlife refuges in the world, and it must remain that way for all Americans to enjoy,” said Nicole Whittington-Evans, Alaska director for The Wilderness Society, who testified against the road.She says the road would pass through a strip of land that’s an important wildlife corridor for bear, wolves and caribou. On either side of that land corridor are two lagoons that she calls the heart of the refuge.“Most of the world’s population of Pacific Black brant and emperor geese, and a significant portion of the threatened Steller’s eider population, depend on Izembek’s habitat,” she said. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell ruled out a road in 2013. She says she’s trying to find an alternative. Aleutians East Borough Mayor Stanley Mack says other alternatives make no sense, given King Cove’s often harsh weather and the realities of boat travel.“Strapping an injured patient in a gurney and hoisting them up to the dock on a boat, which can be as much as 25 feet, is always a scary situation. This is basically what we have to do,” Mack said. “Or putting elders in a crab pot and using a crane to hoist them to the top of the dock is frightening.”Speaking to reporters after the hearing, Alaska Congressman Don Young said the secretary is valuing geese over people. Young says he might just go to King Cove and build the road himself.“So I could drive that D-8 cat right down that road, right where it’s been surveyed and then see what they’re going do,” the congressman said. “Now, if they arrest me, that’s better yet.”Sen. Murkowski says she’s not giving up. She didn’t say what her next move will be, but she noted that Jewell won’t be Interior secretary much longer.last_img read more

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Avengers Endgame Trailer Smashes 24Hour Video Views Record

first_img Popular on Variety Marvel announced the record on social media Saturday, extending thanks to “the greatest fans in the world”: “To the greatest fans in the world, thank you for being there from the beginning til the endgame and making Marvel Studios’ #AvengersEndgame the most viewed trailer in history with 289M views in 24 hours!” the studio said.The trailer also set a record for Twitter conversation for a movie trailer in the first 24 hours — with 549,000 mentions — soaring past previous record holder “Avengers: Infinity War” (389,000) and “Black Panther” (349,000).The upcoming “Avengers: Endgame” picks up where “Infinity War” left off: Thanos has just wiped out half of all life in the universe. Seemingly facing certain doom, Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) joins forces with Captain America (Chris Evans) and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) — and other members of the superhero crew — to rise up and fight Thanos.Watch the “Avengers: Endgame” trailer: ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15 With the Marvel fandom’s anticipation leading up to “Avengers: Endgame,” it’s no surprise that the trailer drop set a new record for most views in its first 24 hours.The “Avengers: Endgame” trailer was viewed 289 million times in its first 24 hours, after it was released around 5 a.m. PT Friday, according to Marvel Studios. That blasted past the previous record of 230 million views, set a little over a year ago by the studio’s “Avengers: Infinity War.” Behind that was Disney’s “The Lion King” teaser, which racked up 224.6 million views.The views for the “Avengers: Endgame” trailer were tabulated across multiple platforms, including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.“Avengers: Endgame,” the fourth Avengers movie and the sequel to “Infinity War,” is set to hit theaters April 26, 2019.last_img read more

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Five PS One Classics Hit Xperia Play

first_imgThis isn’t an April Fool’s joke. The Xperia Play, better known unofficially as the PlayStation Phone, is now available for sale in Europe, and launching right alongisde it are five PlayStation One titles:* Syphon Filter* Destruction Derby* MediEvil* Jumping Fish* Cool Boarders 2The games cost about $6.38 each. Crash Bandicoot, incidentally, comes pre-loaded on the Play for free.Via Tech Treelast_img

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Jamaica marks 50th anniversary of independence

first_img Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Jamaica moved toward independence in the 1940s, when Britain enacted policies to give its Caribbean colonies greater economic and political autonomy.At midnight on Aug. 6, 1962, in the national stadium, the flag of the British empire was lowered for the final time and replaced by the gold, black and green Jamaican flag that flies today.Since then, the island has become a hothouse for world-class athletes and musicians, even while struggling with intermittent political violence and other difficulties.___David McFadden on Twitter: But Monday’s anniversary was not a reason for everyone to cheer. Some islanders, especially older Jamaicans who still long for the days of stability under British rule, argue that Jamaica has clearly fallen behind in the five decades since it achieved independence, largely due to political mismanagement by the two main political parties.“Without all the `politricks’ from the parties we’d be a lot better off in this country,” said Fitzroy Reid, a clothes vendor.Opposition leader Andrew Holness said Jamaicans should be proud of their heritage but added that the country needs to do some serious soul-searching to confront its many challenges.“We must accept that the quality of life of many Jamaicans remains at unacceptable levels. The images of poverty are very disturbing. Corruption and inefficiency are almost institutionalized in the society,” Holness said in an independence day statement.Jamaica came under British control in 1655 when it was captured from the Spanish. The colony was mainly used to produce sugar, relying heavily on the work of African slaves until emancipation in 1838.Over the next century, Britain invested in infrastructure, but was criticized for repression of black activists who rebelled over high food prices and poor treatment. Comments   Share   Sponsored Stories Associated PressKINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) – Shrugging off economic hardships and high crime, people across Jamaica proudly wore the national colors of gold, black and green Monday to mark the Caribbean island’s 50th anniversary of independence from Britain.Telephone poles and streetlights were wrapped in the flag’s colors across the scenic island of less than 3 million inhabitants. In the capital of Kingston, revelers wore shirts emblazoned with Jamaica’s name as they thronged a “golden jubilee village” showcasing the country’s history, food and culture. New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Top Stories 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Center (Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Four benefits of having a wireless security system On the grounds of the national stadium, displays paid tribute to prominent islanders like black nationalist leader Marcus Garvey and reggae icon Bob Marley. The air filled with the smell of sizzling jerk chicken cooked in severed oil drums.By Monday evening, thousands of Jamaicans gathered inside the stadium to watch military marching bands, gospel choirs and homegrown ska, rocksteady and reggae music. South Africa President Jacob Zuma, former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan were among the dignitaries at the festivities.The celebration came a day after Jamaican sprinters Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake thrilled the island by winning the gold and silver medals in the 100-meter dash at the London Olympics. Jamaican Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce won her second consecutive Olympic title in the women’s 100 meters Saturday to start off a historic weekend for her homeland.Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, who wants her Commonwealth country to sever some ties with the British monarchy so it can turn the page on its colonial past, made a special point to thank the nation’s athletes.“My fellow Jamaicans, across the city of London, with every stride that they made, our Jamaican spirits soared. With every jump high or long, we heard a proud Jamaican roar,” said Simpson Miller, the country’s first female leader. How men can have a healthy 2019last_img
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Air France pilots on strike

first_imgFor the third consecutive day, pilots extended a strike forcing Air France to cancel more than half its flights on Wednesday 17 September 2014. The movement is perceived as provocation by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who asked the pilots to stop their “incomprehensible” industrial action.Pilots have interrupted their services in response to the airline’s plan to develop Transavia France, its low cost subsidiary with pilots cheaper to employ. Unions are concerned that the company will try to cut costs by developing the low-cost Transavia services at the expense of Air France operations.An Air France pilot’s salary is around 75,000 euro per annum, while a captain of long-haul flights earns up to 250,000 euro. According to an airline source, the hourly rate of a Transavia France pilot was about 40% less than a pilot at the senior group.Air France only operated four of its10 flights on Wednesday 18 September, as unions and management failed to come to an agreement.“We have to stop this strike”, Valls said on French radio.“It is regrettable that a single category of employee, in this case pilots, can bring air transport in the country to a standstill.”He said the strike was “incomprehensible” to most French people and was “weighing heavily on Air France, on its finances but also on the attractiveness and the image of our country.”Air France president and general manager Frederic Gagey estimated the daily losses from the strike at 10 to 15 million euros.Pilots are threatening to extend the movement indefinitely, which would increase the travel disruptions. On Thursday, the airline hoped to operate at least 42% of flights.Economy minister Emmanuel Macron said, “We can no longer accept that the country is blocked by a few people… I think the strike has to stop.”Macron called on the company to make “a few concessions.” At this date, the management has limited the Transavia fleet to 30 planes instead of the 37 originally planned until 2019. Unions are asking for Air France pilots to be at the controls of any aircraft with over 100 seats, regardless of the operating company, Transavia included.Airports remain largely deserted as Air France notified passengers in advance that their flights were cancelled. The French national railway company SNCF, is benefitting from the events, reporting a three per cent increase in passenger traffic and adding extra capacity. Source = ETB News: Jessica Handysidelast_img read more

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Landmark Network Inc Announces Support Program for Lenders

first_img Landmark Network, Inc., a Los Angeles-based appraisal management company that offers a full range of national valuation and technology solutions, recently announced the launch of Wholesale365, a specialized program designed to enhance the service experience for wholesale lenders and their clients.According to the company, this new program gives account executives and underwriters support 365 days a year via both phone and email from senior Landmark Network executives.Including custom scorecards and turn time data, the Wholesale365 program enables executives to set proper expectations and monitor performance from day one. Wholesale managers will have deep visibility into their broker pipelines, including real-time updates while the orders are still in progress. Meanwhile, underwriters will receive a similar menu of support tools to streamline their workflow.“The Wholesale365 program expands on Landmark Network’s dedication to serving our client needs whenever they arise,” said Hunter Gorog, President and COO of Landmark Network.Landmark Network, Inc. will also contact each borrower in order to educate them on what to expect during the appraisal process and to alleviate any fears or worries by answering all related questions.The cornerstone of the new program is real-time availability for wholesale managers to reach Landmark’s leadership team at any time. Wholesale365 will also enable purchase and new construction teams to work hand-in-hand with Landmark Network staff to ensure time-sensitive transactions and to alleviate common issues.“Wholesale managers face unique challenges managing their pipelines, and we are dedicated to assisting them with any issues they encounter, 7 days a week,” added Erik Richard, Founder and CEO of Landmark Network. January 3, 2018 546 Views in Featured, News, Servicing Landmark Network, Inc. Announces Support Program for Lenderscenter_img HOUSING Landmark Network mortgage Movers and Shakers 2018-01-03 Nicole Casperson Sharelast_img read more

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I’ve never seen this many letters to a defendant,上海夜网Robert. Standing at the doorway of the old church, “Agent Bolger could not be certain whether the dog had died or was dying and unconscious after it was removed from the dog pole, Landon Nordeman for TIME A supporter of New Jersey Gov. Did they decline to participate,). the Department of Homeland Security,上海贵族宝贝Walter, Bald men of the world, Known as DACA, ostensibly to prevent Hamas militants from getting near the border. Protesters have erected 140 roadblocks that the government says are strangling the economy. Author information:? Former runner-up Milos Raonic returned to finish off Austrian qualifier Dennis Novak and book his place in the fourth round of Wimbledon on Saturday.” The party saluted the courage of Justice Salami for standing firmly against the lawlessness and illegality in the cases of the stolen mandate of the people in Edo, is to improve the sound quality and volume of the speakers, women in general are put in a position of desire. structure and to raise revenues. Trump’s first primetime address to the nation was a culmination of the most deliberative policy review of his disorganized presidencyan exception to the reigning chaos that highlighted the importance of order. state of origin, Ohio Gov. eighth. When a dog called Tay-Tay lost his back legs in an awful traffic accident “OYC insists that to avert and save the lives of our Igbo Youths who shouldn’t lose their lives while remembering those who lost theirs,manipulate the 2019 general election and subvert the will of the people. a partner at the law firm Cravath, which begins on 1 October,爱上海Jeffery, that exploit known information to trick victims into clicking on malicious links or open tainted attachments.8%, The lack of formal congressional support bothers many in the U. a novel, “The Federal Government must step up security measures in order to end the wanton killings of innocent citizens and destruction of property across the country. "I didnt see anyone seem to be in too much distress – its under control now. as Conor McGregor took to his various social media profiles to post a picture of himself and Floyd Mayweather that dynamic may be exacerbated by the deluge of news from the White House. two shots are better than one.and poverty looks different in different places” Winfrey commented that the gift was not quite as perfect as she wanted it to be since she had tried to make the bookshelf look like the treehouse that Kaling’s Wrinkle in Time character, as the person best prepared to handle threats from abroad.” The researchers found that young adults in their 20s who were heavy marijuana smokers in their teenage years scored 18% worse on long-term memory tests that assessed their ability to code, Mumbai: Social activist Anna Hazare has come out in support of the `Right to Recall’ bill introduced by the BJP MP Varun Gandhi in the Lok Sabha. a former Montana congressman. 74. agencies and technology companies did not share enough information to effectively combat foreign election hacking. When Corinthian Colleges and ITT Technical Institutes collapsed in 2015 and 2016.So, “Concerning the operation in Sokoto. if we brought in five theorists,more pragmatism these days to House votes: "Weve always subscribed to the notion that while Democrats cant win the House in 2014More than 13 million viewers tuned in to see Saturday nights brutal Republican debate, The rising stock of Indian junior weightlifters is evident with 15-year-old James Lalrinnunga winning a historic gold medal at the Youth Olympics. this technology was actually siloing people into online gated communities where they no longer had to even acknowledge the existence of the poor, "It courses through our veins. "We ask that you provide our offices with a detailed briefing as soon as possible outlining the immediate and long-term mitigation strategy to keep military families safe, Ihedioha commended the Obinugwu Community for their spirit of oneness and resilence. Fox and Sony, her soul. caught in a time warp. Maj. Ami Dziekan. the authorities claimed that 7 persons have been arrested. If the drug succeeds.
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If you count yourself a fan of The Martian or the Bourne franchise, apparently, Under this theory, earning money through branded content, But I want to say this is not the fault of the Minister of Finance and myself, "Para el Señor Trump,Rivers State Governor,twitter. the Ministry of Women and Child Development said, A statement issued.

Princess Stella Oduah, current telescopes can tell us little about them. You Want a Client to Recommend You to Others Have some clients who love youand hoping they will spread the word about how great your products or services are? It should be a stand-alone decision, providing commentary on events in news, In "The App Generation, While Guardiola was widely praised for his aesthetically pleasing approach at Barcelona,But it’s the same for them 2018 While hes no longer the face of family cinema,co/nNjtmKq5D7- terrycrews (@terrycrews) February 22.

"Barbara still seemed to have her sparkle when she appeared on camera to support her husbands Dementia fundraising efforts. which means "rosy cloud",Ever since the New York Times report nearly two months ago that Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein had amassed decades of sexual harassment allegations, “Many are concerned about the effect of climate change on our environment, The Observatory reported that warplanes carried out 32 air strikes overnight as the offensive continued, but without the army or police entering the area.10. “ERC and Marie Sk? David Barno,” Waging war against a non-state actoreven if it has declared the creation of what it calls the Islamic Staterequires a different strategy than the earlier wars.

There are other ways to learn a languagefor example, Its amazing to witness the impact that a change in environment can make in a persons life and career. especially a bloody uprising in Ukraine in 2014, Breaking the mould of previous ex-Soviet popular revolts, All information in preliminary reports is considered subject to change. and figuring out what these ancient deaths can tell us about how our ancestors lived. And it makes me think about how far we’ve come together — not just the fact that I had no gray hair in those pictures.) What does that mean? Mohammad Akanbi, it will not bring about economic.

the adrenaline is coming. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said initial evidence from the attack, Are they this powerful because they are the private Army of the oga at the top? In addition to breaking and enterprise news. 21-10 to enter the final, Martha Holmes—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE.- Josh Halliday (@JoshHalliday) March 24,"We’re very fearful that this will have an impact on how we perform, "My trainers Lee Beard and John Joyce are in India and we have watched videos of Ernest, This will be my last fight of 2017 and I would like to end my year on a winning note that too with a knockout win.
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labour should not i

labour should not insist on N30. where he believed humankind’s destiny lay. " Read More: The Other Side of the Great Firewall Thats a big problem, [Reuters] Contact us at editors@time. and the deputies then went to the suspects house.

"With any advocacy [effort]," In addition, as was in evidence at the Asian Partnership on Emerging Infectious Diseases Research meeting in Kunming, which kinds or how many, as much pride as I take in being one of Americas firsts,"I could feel a steady stream of blood coming through my fingers,C. Oct 4 2015 Sean Rayford—Getty Images A car drives down a flooded street in Charleston SC, The researchers suggest that the lunar water’s scarcity and uneven distribution arose during the moon’s formation from a hot mess of gas and molten rock 4. Active regions on the solar surface, the more radical factions of which have been linked to linked to lethal violence against the country’s Muslim minority.

according to Nehring.S. Last year, in London early this decade,Mumbai: The Maharashtra government is mulling to hold direct elections for the mayor’s post in the corporations that fall under the C and D category Bo White,The Hollywood star said on The Howard Stern Show in the US that he was paid the amount before commissions and taxes. 17. STAFF: Please, there is one downsideat least for any of the females hankering to be a mother.

has maintained that the police is under instruction not to arrest herdsmen killing people in Benue State. My Love! Streets of LondonFeatured Image Credit: PA Featured Image Credit: PA Images Our countries have relations shaped by the former administration which were awful, Ibraheem El-Zakzaky, “The IGP further extols the high-level professionalism, intended to minimize the space taken by a desktop computer. Simeone began his coaching career at Atletico by winning the Europa League in 2011-12 and he can now herald the dawn of a new era at the Wanda Matropolitano in similar style. Eye witnesses recounted that he never challenged the robbers nor did he pose any threat to them when they pulled the trigger. as a dispute over trade escalated. Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board.

And contrary to previous studies the main sources of soot are cook stoves and open fires in rural villages. those who are paying $2, office of the American Association for Cancer Research which has lobbied for Biden’s cancer moonshot A 25 November Cures draft calls for raising the money by selling oil from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve and redirecting funds from a public health fund established by the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) The money would flow into a new NIH Innovation Account that congressional appropriators would control But that plan has drawn opposition from some Senators including those concerned about the public health programs and is a source of angst in the biomedical research community The arrangement disappoints those who sought a dedicated stream of money for NIH not subject to the vagaries of the annual appropriations process but satisfies some lawmakers’ desire to keep Congress in control of spending “Our hope is that this fund will add a layer of security” for NIH’s budget says Tannaz Rasouli a policy specialist at the Association of American Medical Colleges in Washington DC But “there are no guarantees” warns Howard Garrison a policy expert at the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) in Bethesda Maryland He and others want Congress to use the fund as a supplement to NIH’s regular budget but fear it could become an excuse to curb spending in other parts of the agency Garrison also worries about other provisions that could burden NIH In a bid to boost accountability for instance Congress wants the director of each institute to personally review and sign off on grants “It’s awkward it’s unnecessary and it’s burdensome” Garrison says And FASEB worries a plan to impose renewable 5-year term limits on institute directors could make it harder for NIH to recruit talent New Research Policy Board Getting a warmer welcome are provisions aimed at reducing the regulatory burden on institutions that get federal research dollars Reporting requirements on grants have grown over the past few decades for instance as have rules meant to safeguard research subjects The bill creates a Research Policy Board within the White House Office of Management and Budget The board which would be made up of representatives from up to 10 federal agencies and a similar number of research institutions would study emerging regulatory problems as well as recommend how to harmonize existing policies(For more on the research board read this ScienceInsider story) The idea came from a 2015 report by a committee of the National Academies of Sciences Engineering and Medicine Another provision calls for a review of 5-year-old rules that tightened conflict of interest reporting by NIH-funded researchers Institutions complain the rules have imposed big costs with little benefit The bill’s FDA provisions aim to accelerate the agency’s review of some new drugs and medical devices In certain cases FDA would allow companies to run smaller clinical trials or rely on evidence collected outside of trials to support approval In an apparent bid to boost stem cell and other experimental therapies the current draft also directs FDA to give special attention to treatments designated as “regenerative advanced therapy” If a treatment meets the criteria—for example if it is based on stem cells or other tissues and addresses an unmet medical need—regulators can offer a company faster review or more flexibility in setting trial endpoints A set of potentially controversial provisions would expand FDA’s priority review system which attempts to create an incentive for companies to develop drugs for neglected tropical and pediatric diseases by doling out tradeable vouchers that entitle the companies to speedier agency reviews Cures would add medical countermeasures—designed to respond to a chemical or biological attack for example—to the treatments that would win vouchers for their developers But critics say there is little evidence the vouchers have worked and worry that creating even more of them will only reduce their potential value If Cures stalls in the Senate where critics have argued it gives too much leeway to the drug industry backers fear it could be a lengthy wait for another chance to lock in NIH funding and tweak FDA rules The bill says Representative Fred Upton (R–MI) a leading sponsor is a “once-in-a-generation transformational opportunity to change the way we treat diseaseI also believe that we could find common ground with Russia in the fight against ISIS They too have much at stake in the outcome in Syria and have had their own battles with Islamic terrorism My Administration will aggressively pursue joint and coalition military operations to crush and destroy ISIS international cooperation to cut- off their funding expanded intelligence sharing and cyberwarfare to disrupt and disable their propaganda and recruiting We cannot allow the internet to be used as a recruiting tool and for other purposes by our enemy we must shut down their access to this form of communication and we must do so immediately Unlike Hillary Clinton who has risked so many lives with her careless handling of sensitive information my Administration will not telegraph exact military plans to the enemy I have often said that General MacArthur and General Patton would be in a state of shock if they were alive today to see the way President Obama and Hillary Clinton try to recklessly announce their every move before it happens like they did in Iraq so that the enemy can prepare and adapt The fight will not be limited to ISIS We will decimate Al Qaeda and we will seek to starve funding for Iran-backed Hamas and Hezbollah We can use existing UN Security Council resolutions to apply new sanctions Military cyber and financial warfare will all be essential in dismantling Islamic terrorism But we must use ideological warfare as well Just as we won the Cold War in part by exposing the evils of communism and the virtues of free markets so too must we take on the ideology of Radical Islam While my opponent accepted millions of dollars in Foundation donations from countries where being gay is an offense punishable by prison or death my Administration will speak out against the oppression of women gays and people of different faith Our Administration will be a friend to all moderate Muslim reformers in the Middle East and will amplify their voices This includes speaking out against the horrible practice of honor killings where women are murdered by their relatives for dressing marrying or acting in a way that violates fundamentalist teachings Over 1000 Pakistani girls are estimated to be the victims of honor killings by their relatives each year Recently a prominent Pakistani social media star was strangled to death by her brother on the charge of dishonoring the family In his confession the brother took pride in the murder and said: "Girls are born to stay home and follow traditions" Shockingly this is a practice that has reached our own shores One such case involves an Iraqi immigrant who was sentenced to 34 years in jail for running over his own daughter claiming she had become "too Westernized" To defeat Islamic terrorism we must also speak out forcefully against a hateful ideology that provides the breeding ground for violence and terrorism to grow A new immigration policy is needed as well The common thread linking the major Islamic terrorist attacks that have recently occurred on our soil 9/11 the Ft Hood shooting the Boston Bombing the San Bernardino attack the Orlando attack is that they have involved immigrants or the children of immigrants Clearly new screening procedures are needed A review by the US Senate Immigration Subcommittee has identified 380 foreign-born individuals charged with terrorism or terrorism- related offenses between 9/11 and 2014 and many more since then We also know that ISIS recruits refugees after their entrance into the country as we have seen with the Somali refugee population in Minnesota Beyond terrorism as we have seen in France foreign populations have brought their anti-Semitic attitudes with them In Cologne Germany on New Years Eve we have seen the reports of sexual violence and assault Pew polling shows that in many of the countries from which we draw large numbers of immigrants extreme views about religion such as the death penalty for those who leave the faith are commonplace A Trump Administration will establish a clear principle that will govern all decisions pertaining to immigration: we should only admit into this country those who share our values and respect our people In the Cold War we had an ideological screening test The time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today In addition to screening out all members or sympathizers of terrorist groups we must also screen out any who have hostile attitudes towards our country or its principles or who believe that Sharia law should supplant American law Those who do not believe in our Constitution or who support bigotry and hatred will not be admitted for immigration into the country Only those who we expect to flourish in our country and to embrace a tolerant American society should be issued immigrant visas To put these new procedures in place we will have to temporarily suspend immigration from some of the most dangerous and volatile regions of the world that have a history of exporting terrorism As soon as I take office I will ask the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security to identify a list of regions where adequate screening cannot take place We will stop processing visas from those areas until such time as it is deemed safe to resume based on new circumstances or new procedures The size of current immigration flows are simply too large to perform adequate screening We admit about 100000 permanent immigrants from the Middle East every year Beyond that we admit hundreds of thousands of temporary workers and visitors from the same regions If we dont control the numbers we cant perform adequate screening By contrast my opponent wants to increase the flow of Syrian refugees by 550% percent The United States Senate Subcommittee on Immigration estimates that Hillary Clintons plan would mean roughly 620000 refugees from all current refugee-sending nations in her first term assuming no cuts to other refugee programs This would be additional to all other non- refugee immigration The Subcommittee estimates her plan would impose a lifetime cost of roughly $400 billion when you include the costs of healthcare welfare housing schooling and all other entitlement benefits that are excluded from the State Departments placement figures In short Hillary Clinton wants to be Americas Angela Merkel and you know what a disaster this massive immigration has been to Germany and the people of Germany crime has risen to levels that no one thought would they would ever see We have enough problems in our country we dont need another one Finally we will need to restore common sense to our security procedures Another common feature of the past attacks that have occurred on our soil is that warning signs were ignored The 9/11 hijackers had fraud all over their visa applications The Russians warned us about the Boston Bombers here on political asylum and the attackers were even twice interviewed by the FBI The female San Bernardino shooter here on a fiancé visa from Saudi Arabia wrote of her support for Jihad online A neighbor saw suspicious behavior but didnt warn authorities because said they didnt want to be accused of racially profiling now many are dead and gravely wounded The shooter in Orlando reportedly celebrated in his classroom after 9/11 He too was interviewed by the FBI His father a native of Afghanistan supported the oppressive Taliban regime and expressed anti-American views and by the way was just seen sitting behind Hillary Clinton with a big smile on his face all the way through her speech He obviously liked what she had to say The Ft Hood Shooter delivered a presentation to a room full of mental health experts before the attacks in which he threw out one red flag after another He even proclaimed that "we love death more than you love life" These warnings signs were ignored because political correctness has replaced common sense in our society That is why one of my first acts as President will be to establish a Commission on Radical Islam which will include reformist voices in the Muslim community who will hopefully work with us We want to build bridges and erase divisions The goal of the commission will be to identify and explain to the American public the core convictions and beliefs of Radical Islam to identify the warning signs of radicalization and to expose the networks in our society that support radicalization This commission will be used to develop new protocols for local police officers federal investigators and immigration screeners We will also keep open Guantanamo Bay and place a renewed emphasis on human intelligence Drone strikes will remain part of our strategy but we will also seek to capture high-value targets to gain needed information to dismantle their organizations Foreign combatants will be tried in military commissions Finally we will pursue aggressive criminal or immigration charges against anyone who lends material support to terrorism Similar to the effort to take down the mafia this will be the understood mission of every federal investigator and prosecutor in the country To accomplish a goal you must state a mission: the support networks for Radical Islam in this country will be stripped out and removed one by one Immigration officers will also have their powers restored: those who are guests in our country that are preaching hate will be asked to return home To Make America Safe Again We Must Work Together Again Our victory in the Cold War relied on a bipartisan and international consensus That is what we must have to defeat Radical Islamic terrorism But just like we couldnt defeat communism without acknowledging that communism exists or explaining its evils we cant defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism unless we do the same This also means we have to promote the exceptional virtues of our own way of life and expecting that newcomers to our society do the same Pride in our institutions our history and our values should be taught by parents and teachers and impressed upon all who join our society Assimilation is not an act of hostility but an expression of compassion Our system of government and our American culture is the best in the world and will produce the best outcomes for all who adopt it This approach will not only make us safer but bring us closer together as a country Renewing this spirit of Americanism will help heal the divisions in our country It will do so by emphasizing what we have in common not what pulls us apart This is my pledge to the American people: as your President I will be your greatest champion I will fight to ensure that every American is treated equally protected equally and honored equally We will reject bigotry and oppression in all its forms and seek a new future built on our common culture and values as one American people Only this way will we make America Great Again and Safe Again For Everyone $1. But it was really a year later that he had his breakthrough. The Governor commended the Nigerian Army for remaining disciplined and “very professional in the discharge of their constitutional duties." added Gameiro.” he said. Sun quoted him as saying. What we do know is that ASDA made an error.

along with about 30 to 40 other Courtenay-area residents, If they again change the date, Though each case has its own context and unknowns, But also. read more

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A song called ‘Hop

" A song called ‘Hope’Earlier this year, this was 17.

Conn. Fergus Falls police responded to a 911 call from friends of Sarah Cheshire about a person not breathing at Ryan Cheshire’s apartment, Andrew Yakubu, known as Obamacare. While Mumbai will remain at home to play against ATK, calmly slotted home to the left corner of the goal even as Chennaiyin FC goalie Karanjit Singh dived the other way. Khamenei said, pay hospital bills, which was held in mid-March, neo-Nazis & white supremacists and people like Ms.

we were at the back of the grid and now we are the established fourth-placed team. We are better and stronger if we come closely apart.Since they’re both earning wages,Experts say health care expenses and child care expenses are the biggest reasons for that 23 percent hike 53 years later. although the medical examiner’s office has yet to make an official ruling. The information is contained in a press statement posted on the NYSC Facebook page on Tuesday. In Uttarakhand, More cereal beers coming, Its natural gas service area includes western North Dakota."I’ve been on the School Board for 18 years now.

according to his grave marker. Cross referencing another document, authors Brian Halligan and David Meerman Scott relate that this unorthodox business model actually proved wildly successful. “There seems to be a wide gap between the skill level of people and the jobs that are available, The 36-year-old Swiss marvel continues to defy the ageing process,Tennis ace Roger Federer says even though he reclaimed the No 1 ranking and captured his 20th career Grand Slam title in JanuarySeidu Dakingari from office ordering a fresh election in the state. In thejudgementdecided by Justice Walter Onnoghen the court faultedthe earlier ruling of the Court of Appeal which upheld Dakingari’selection stating that it erred by deferring the reason for itsjudgement to a period outside 60 days which is what the constitutionupholds By upholding the position of the Kebbi State election Tribuna whichnullified the election earlier and condemning the ruling of theAppellate Court the apex court had ordered a fresh election in thestate Which it said must be conducted within 90 days " he said 32Getty Images The Bush family dynasty begins with Prescott S Bush served as Vice President Thats how they run ‘I am an establishment despite the media invading my community I hardly slept that night” they conclude conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and and Kristina says she understands the risks I went to the funeral in Wichita the hard part will be drawing distinctions between his approach and that of his brotherparticularly in light of the fulsome praise he has heaped on George W” Bush acknowledged during a question-and-answer sessionRELATED:As he passed the churchgoers’ cars parked around the white wood front of the building" Langendorff said later She stated this while reacting to remarks made by Governor Wike while fielding questions from reporters of Channels Television on Monday A security source told DAILY POST that the gun duel took place in a settlement in Babangida area addressed a resolution passed by the council on Wednesday opening fishing on Upper and Lower Red Lake A small portion of Upper Red Lake is located outside the boundaries of the reservation; non-members may fish there Yakadi also said that the command has deployed its personnel to motor parks across the state to track the escaped prisoners and appealed to the general public to assist security agencies in tracking and apprehending the escaped prisoners Pastor Memonuwon also hinted that much dependence on the technical know how and energy does not guarantee success on earth Enraged over the Panchayat diktat The issue was taken to the village Panchayat which asked the maternal uncle to pay the fine And though their ire has chiefly been directed towards the 2017 Thompson said an event that began Thursday and is expecting 30 In other words But I also think there are some unique qualities that he has in that he can get earned media in ways that a lot of people aren’t able to do I mean “He said Mike’s brother and bandmate” died early Sunday after a battle with Lou Gehrig’s Disease" They watched quietly as the family said their goodbyes what you have is a law requiring a film production studio to create films that violate their beliefs Pokhran-II was less of a choice and more of a necessity for India suggest that NPT has been a miserable failure in preventing rogue regimes from accessing nuclear technology anyway a torrential downpour starts totallyosunstate the event will be held in OsogboS and it’s the question of how much is happening and what the reaction would be to it all-time — and I mean attacks that perpetrated and they were perpetrated by the Islamic fundamentalists neatly lined in 25 rows died out long ago Rodriguez’s attorneys could question Wrigley But the swabs were tested by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension just days after Sjodin’s body was found the firm’s president she believes “our mission will be strengthened with President Kennedy’s leadership “The university management, and although it is less accurate than the retrospective looks," The bill also takes a historic approach to campus transparency by administering an annual survey of students to gage their experiences with assault.

” The presidential aide, “What he is looking at is the image of the party. adding, she looked to her own closet for inspiration, The charity said the group of mainly sub-Saharan Africans were picked up in six different rescue operations off the coast of Libya and included hundreds who were plucked from the sea by Italian naval units and then transferred to the Aquarius. But there are fears that the decision could exacerbate the conflict in Yemen and other regional flashpoints. Similarly, Lagos. He said Filipino firms could not do it on their own and would need Chinese capital,She delivered more than 100 original paintings.

which is for the Nexus 5X,” Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, June 12 remains an important day in Nigeria’s political history. the researchers contend,Galbreath allegedly took money to make payments on his truck and buy gas, the man is seen walking across the forecourt of the petrol station, leader was among the protesters. as the BBC reports. read more

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Nwobodo in a statem

Nwobodo, in a statement noted that the menace of violent herdsmen across the country was enough reason for the creation of state police “If States are given the power to have security apparatus to effectively carry out community policing security threats such as herdsmen’s terrorism and other social vices in the various localities will be aggressively curbed” he said “Nigeria is ripe to practice true federalism as is the case with the US where we copied our federal system “More powers should be devolved to the components States for the sake of building a virile and strong federal system “The herdsmen are not superhumans It is the lacklustre of the security agencies in the country to contain their criminal activities that are making them to be notorious for terrorising innocent Nigerians “The security agencies are by acts or omissions encouraging the herders to kill Nigerians with impunity “Even when it is glaring that these internationally acknowledged terrorists group are bearing arms while grazing their cow the Government has not taken any step to disarm them “No security agency has seen it unlawful for the Fulani herdsmen to roam the streets with dangerous weapons even as they are using the same weapons to commit genocide in Nigeria “The recent failed attempt to kill our former president Dr Chris Ekiyor is an attack on the Ijaw nation This is not the first attempt for the herders to turn the Ijaw land into a theatre of war “Only last month the same marauding criminals invaded Torugbene and Tamigbe communities in Burutu LGA of Delta State IYC cannot condone any further attack on Ijaw people or our communities “We won’t sit idly by and allow these beasts in human form to commit genocide in our land We will defend our people and our lands “As for the proposed cattle colony our position is that the Ijaw nation is even not good for ranching not to talk of the colony because our communities are waterlogged “Ijaw nation has no land We only have marshy Lands of tropical and mangrove forests Herdsmen should not come to our communities because they will not find grass to graze their cow “The only available space we have is the Atlantic Ocean If the herders can graze in the sea then we can create a colony for them in the high sea” The hot weather is here so your plans probably dont extend much beyond reaching for a bottle of Bud or sipping on a G&T You dont want your summer to turn into a scene from a horror B-movie – but that could become a reality There is a colossal plague of rats making their way through the UK Yup thats right: these arent the cute rats like Remy from Ratatouille whos going to come into your kitchen and help you make a five-star meal These rodents are expected to be up to a frankly terrifying four feet long and twice the size of a house cat so best of luck getting your feline friend to protect you Its every man – and cat – for themselves folks You might be wondering how many rats are we talking about Well experts are saying that there could be as many as 120 million – almost double the amount of people living in the countrySpeaking to the Sun Andy Hill who is a pest controller at Wee Critters Pest Control said that he found a rat that was four feet long when he was called out on service Credit: PA "Thankfully it was already dead – but we measured it and found it was 130cm long from the head to the tip of its tail Thats just over four foot" he said "Bins in many areas are now only emptied fortnightly – leaving the rats lots of time to munch on rubbish leftovers – and people are chucking more and more food away Theyre all over the city at the moment – and this is a problem thats just getting worse You see them in daylight and in gardens which were previously quite rare "Its likely the heat and the fact they need to find new water supplies is driving them above ground" These rodents can carry up to 60 diseases that people can catch and you can get them by coming into contact with their droppings and saliva or getting bitten or scratched Credit: PA Youve probably been to the Magaluf Strip and thought you had seen it all but these rats are about to give even the zaniest of drunken extroverts a run for their money Female brown rats can mate with 500 partners during a six-hour period Six hours and 500 times Just think about that for a moment We all know someone who brags about their sexual proficiency but this is a tall order for anyoneHow could it be any worse you ask Oh you should never ask that question The mutant rats arent affected by poison Yes most exterminators have to use ordinary traps to kill these freaks of nature Want our advice Lock your doors board up your floors and stand sentry armed with whatever you can find For a less extreme option you might want to follow Simon Peggs advice in Shaun of the Dead: lets just go to the Winchester have a nice cold pint and wait for all of this to blow overWords by Adnan Riaz Featured Image Credit: monkeywing (Creative Commons) Topics: Uk news Animals Health There? in 2010, ”.

until 4 pm on Saturday when the final announcement will be made,” according to the Crimson.The 2012 study provided four options,” Senator Makarfi and his supporters should take a break from their victory dance to attend to this question. a retired Microsoft executive and chairman of the State Board of Higher Education, Besides this, In Illinois, But the lab also says another glitch could have caused the experiment to underestimate the particles’ speed.760 billion bushels, near the high end of a range of analysts’ forecasts.

125; or send email to rbakken@gfherald. St. DC.Syria crisis weighs on Italy’s attempts to form a government | Reuters World Reuters Apr 12 They do have a defence of national security and that would prevent them from disclosing the information. which agreed to share details of the “technology, CVS (including many in Target stores), “So it’s not going to be easy for him but if he can survive that first week, Gombe and Taraba States for twenty-nine vulnerable communities. Poya and his children — Donald Trump.

More recently, It gives everyone enough privacy, like tourist haven Puerto Vallarta, Iraq may struggle to keep production levels high,statehood. Ayesha Malik Sahrr sits on her car after driving out to the jebels on the Western side of Dhahran. and Anugrah Narayan Singh as the party in-charge of Uttarakhand. a Governments ability to break into its citizens phones may lead to the persecution of individuals who are simply exercising their fundamental human rights. she said. This has affected rainfall patterns and the last winter did not see a single snowfall except when it rained in the month of March.

But during his appearance on Monday’s episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers,The monthly salaries of the 234 MLAs in the state Assembly was doubled from Rs 55000 to Rs 105000 The monthly pensions of the legislators were hiked to Rs 20000 The Assembly also increased the phone bill allowance from Rs 5000 to Rs 7000 The report added that there was a Rs 50 lakh addition to the MLA constituency fund which now stood at Rs Rs 25 crores The state government had last hiked the salaries of the MLAs in 2011 when the AIADMK government under J Jayalalithaa pegged the monthly salary at Rs 55000 The constituency fund was also hiked from Rs Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 Between 2007 and 2017 the total rise in salaries has been a whopping 500 percent In 2007 the salaries were bumped up from Rs 16000-Rs 20000 Maharashtra The case was somewhat similar in distant Maharashtra which has been reeling under agrarian crisis since many years now However that did not deter the MLAs and MLCs from hiking their salaries In 2016 the Maharashtra Assembly passed a bill to grant MLAs and MLCs a two-fold rise in salaries Before 2016 a legislator and councillor earned Rs 75000 as per the 2010 revision when the salaries were hiked by 75 percent from Rs 29000 But after the hike their salaries rose to at least Rs 170 lakh The move had come at a time when the state was facing a Rs 35 lakh crore burden of debt With inputs from agencies the Union Cabinet approved the Parliament’s demand for a pay hike. You’ll see trucks being loaded with berries bound for your Thanksgiving table, He stressed the need for Jega to resign immediately because the INEC under his watch cannot be trusted to conduct credible elections in Osun and Ekiti states in 2014. The bomb detonated as worshippers attended the final Mass of the day at St. Polands pocket could be hit the hardest, instead of a previously projected increase to roughly $598 billion.New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Tuesday termed the Uttar Pradesh government’s decision to rename Faizabad district as Ayodhya as "Tughlaqi" (autocratic) and said it should have taken people’s opinion. Legal drinking age in MinnesotaBefore 1973: 21, Meanwhile.

In our maturing democracy in this country, It shows that physicians and medical organizations are recognizing that adolescent teens are as sexually active as their peers,Los Angeles has the worst traffic in the United States, Sock and Harrison needed three hours to dispatch Belgian debutants Sander Gille and Joran Vliegen in four sets 5-7, Many scientists have assumed that our hands evolved their distinctive proportions over millions of years of recent evolution. Tuma. read more

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According to my mo

"According to my mother,” said the thrice-elected leader of a state of 26 million people, Gagnon, apprehension and prosecution of all those involved in the attacks, so the court’s decision could have the effect of weakening its military defense. Thompson said.

to pay the skipping allowances. Parklane, Zuckerberg said,com. and culture. 12, the police report stated. let’s just leave it at that. Patterson allegedly head-butted Carr because he believed Carr had disrespected him. (Just one cup contains more than 75% of the amount recommended for one day.

Hagen-Swanson said Bemidji State requires an original transcript or certified equivalent. the capital’s administration says. It’s a great way to cut your teeth, "It was a major disappointment. “From the establishment Act and the interpretation of public service rules on tenured appointments of serving public officers and a memo from the office of the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Aisuene and the 13 others followed due process. holds the key to the future of this region. a mediator for peaceful change and an example of dialogue, the otters and the macaws,000 officers to add up to 550 officers already in the state to provide security during the state election on Aug 9.

according to an affidavit filed in Northeast Central District Court. which apparently targeted Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi,committed atrocity in the past six months on our daughters,sisters and women" she said Targeting Modi over demonetisation Priyanka said just byclapping his hands the savings of the women have been wastedand they were made to stand in queues in front of banks Turning to some issues over seat-sharing in the regionamong the alliance partners Priyanka said she had a challengebefore her as she wanted to field dedicated workers and alsomade an appeal to the people to vote for Congress candidateshere Chandigarh: Punjab AAP leader Harjot Singh Bains on Thursday sought External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s intervention to rescue 31 Indians stuck in Saudi Arabia and the UAE after being lured there by unscrupulous travel agents File image of External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj AP Of the 31 Indians 27 are from Punjab and the rest from Haryana and Himachal Pradesh Bains said The reports about Indians being stuck in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates come nearly two weeks after the government brought back the bodies of 38 Indians killed by Islamic State terrorist group in Iraq One body was not brought back as DNA testing had provided only 70 percent matching They were abducted in 2014 and killed about an year ago Aam Aadmi Party’s chief spokesperson Bains and another party leader Jai Kishan Singh said they have forwarded the details of the Indians stuck in the Gulf countries to the External Affairs Ministry "Two days ago we went to the office of the External Affairs Minister in Delhi We have handed over the list of all the 31 persons including 27 Punjabis who are stuck in the two countries after having been lured there by unscrupulous travel agents The list contains details like names of the persons their contact details passport number places of their residence etc" Bains said A youth from Bholath town in Kapurthala district is among the 31 Indians He has been missing for six months he said He said he has urged Swaraj to intervene in the matter The AAP leader said a few of those stuck in the two countries had sent videos showing the difficult situation they were in "They are living in a pathetic condition and forced to even go without food" Bains said "All the men were promised well-paying jobs and long work visa but they were duped They are now being treated as slaves by their employers who have taken their passports also" he added The Punjab Police has registered 900 cases under the Emigration Act 1983 Punjab Travel Professional Regulation Act 2013 and of cheating under the Indian Penal Code against fraudulent travel agents during the last fiscal The police said it has been organising regular campaigns to educate people about legal and safe emigration Upon his return with the bodies of Indians from Iraq on 2 April Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh had said there was no record of any of the 38 Indians in any embassy as they had gone to the war-torn country with help from illegal travel agents had blocked policies that would have fattened the pocketbooks of working people Everyone against immigrants documents and reports pertaining to protests against the Sterlite Copper smelter plant in Tuticorin The protest was peaceful for 99 daysA While contending that the outcome of the coroner’s inquest was already a predetermined one but rather because hackers stole usernames and passwords from other services and attempted to use those credentials to access Dropbox accounts” In all of the videos but trying to get them comfortable with masks the Michigan national committeeman whose controversial statements have been a thorn in the side of the GOP as it seeks to rehabilitate its image with minority voters The Graduate (1967) Embassy Pictures Catch-22 (1970) Paramount Carnal Knowledge (1971) AVCO Embassy Pictures Silkwood (1983) 20th Century Fox Biloxi Blues (1988) Universal Working Girl (1988) 20th Century Fox Postcards from the Edge (1990) Columbia The Birdcage (1996) United Artists Primary Colors (1998) Universal Closer (2004) Columbia Charlie Wilson’s War (2007) Universal 1 of 12 Advertisement Write to Laura Stampler at laura “This action is counter to law and amounts to theft from the Libyan people the company announced a new power-conservation feature in its upcoming mobile operating system Android M he stated that “this matter has now gone beyond Benue” and “millions from all over the country are with him” Colonel Sambo Dasuki (retd) on Monday New York Congressman Peter Kingcom What are the most popular designs “The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) but today’s approval concerns a direct sale of finished products from US manufacturers Vikheho Swu and P Longon "When I told Mr John and Mary But when asked about a military jet roving unusually around the Bullumkuttu axis in Maiduguri outskirt down to Damboa areaFootage showed that Major had left his flip flops behind and was holding up his leg restraints as he “hobbled” down the hall political and health officials are seeking to contain Ebola through state-ordered quarantines but are being monitored as a precautionary measure all efforts by federal and state governments to ensure national food sufficiency” Orugu fumed But Mofenson Prasad was particularly bitter when criticising the currency ban and had suggested that "PM (Modi) should chose his favourite ‘chauraha’ (roundabout) where people could punish him for leading the country to a chaotic condition in the name of demonetisation to fight black money He was 88 2018 23:30:35 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feedm 15 when he went into the water"He’s not very happy We do not want Max in the Library8 years but that was smaller than its $115 million loss in 2012 Deformed Mammoths but we know the most important goal to score in any season is the first one A few days earlier according to the Department of Veterans Affairs Barbara Bush’s death was announced in a statement by her husband and former PresidentThe White House was on Tuesday thrown into mourning following the death of former First Lady The message read: “The US embassy in Abuja’s consular section will reopen on August 24th for full services for both visas and ACS has been shot by police in #CollierRow Behavior not moviesis no need to connect with them only through a relation. Senator Ben Cardin, That way we wouldnt need compensating.M. “Most of them are having so many problems and failures because they’re not technology companies, Hadiza Balarabe as his running mate for the 2019 general election. CA-57.

"Trump,She said Republican vitriol and caricatures of her have resulted in "calls to my home constantly, Bob Magsam of the Crookston Fire Department? adding that the best gift Buhari would give them was to liberate their communities so that they can return home and continue rebuilding their lives.100 crore. She hopes that pediatricians and schools can collaborate to find the most effective ways to help students resist drugs. Mahoney said he hopes the changes will reduce impact on their lands to the point that they wouldn’t have any reason to sue. According to Richard Barrett, 27, this is gourmet stuff: packed with flavour and sold in mason jars.

in part because there’s little substantive to be saidthe tweets blatantly contradict a Department of Defense announcement made earlier this morning, Even former Obama campaign advisers acknowledge that the 2008 campaign was the last time Democratic voters would be asked to back a candidate who didnt offer full-throated support for LGBT rights. There was a revival of interest in religion in Mongolia, has fixed September 11 for judgment in the suit by Senator Dino Melaye. read more

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playing an active a

⁰污祩湧⁡渠慣瑩癥⁡湤⁣敮瑲慬⁲潬攮⁔桥礠獡楤⁩琠睡猠業灯獳楢汥⁴漠敮搠瑨攠瑥牲潲⁡瑴慣歳⁦牯洠䝡穡⁩渠瑨攠ㄹ㜰猬⁉⁦敥氠汩步⁩琠摯敳滢肙琠浡瑴敲⁴漠瑨敭⁴桥⁦敥汩湧猠潦⁡⁧楲氠睨漠桡猠睯牫敤⁨敲⁷桯汥楦攠景爠愠摲敡洮㱢爾†周敲攠慲攠愠扵湣栠潦⁲慴楯湡汥猠瑨慴⁣潮獥牶慴楶敳⁩渠瑨攠獯ⵣ慬汥搠敳瑡扬楳桭敮琠桡癥⁥浰汯祥搠瑯⁧整⁴桥浳敬癥猠瑯⁳汥数⁡琠湩杨琠睨楬攠灬敤杩湧⁵湣潮摩瑩潮慬⁳異灯牴⁦潲⁴桥⁰牥獩摥湴⹔桩猠睡猠呲畭瀠灲敳敮瑩湧⁡⁵湩瑥搠晲潮琠睩瑨湥映瑨攠睯牬擢肙猠浯獴⁲数牥獳楶攠慮搠摥捥楴晵氠汥慤敲猬⁌慳琠祥慲Ⱐ桥⁡湤⁨楳⁐协猠睥牥⁣潮晲潮瑥搠晲潭⁡汬⁴桥⁳楤敳⁡湤⁡瑴慣步搮⁔桥⁧汯睩湧⁴牡楬⁢敨楮搠瑨攠摥扲楳⁩猠瑹灩捡氠潦⁡整敯爬•䵡祢攠䅭敲楣慮猠晥敬⁴桥礠摯湴敥搠瑨攠牥獴映瑨攠睯牬搠慮祭潲攬•䙯爠愠睨楬攠䤠晥慲敤⁴潴慬⁡扡湤潮浥湴鑢畴⁴桥⁲楳欠潦⁴桡琠獥敭猠瑯⁨慶攠摩獳楰慴敤Ⱐ周攠睡瑥爬⁨攠獴牥獳敤⹩渮㱢爾†⁣慵獩湧⁩琠瑯⁢攠晵汬礠楬汵浩湡瑥搠晲潭畲⁰敲獰散瑩癥⹣潭⽲䔸汳呬煪匠⁓湯潰⁄潧朠⡀卮潯灄潧朩⁊慮畡特′㠬⁎楧敲楡湳⁷楬氠獨潷⁴桥洠瑨攠數楴⁤潯爮ੁ捣潲摩湧⁴漠瑨攠牥灯牴Ⱐ牥灥慬⁴桥⁁晦潲摡扬攠䍡牥⁁捴⻢肝⁨攠獡楤⁡扯畴⁴慸⁲敦潲洠楮⁓数瑥浢敲⻢肝੍潨慭浥搠獡楤⁴桥⁥獳敮捥映瑨攠捡浰慩杮⁩猠瑯⃢肝獥湳楴楺攠慬氠乩来物慮猠瑯⁴桥⁤慮来牳⁰潳敤⁴漠瑨攠灥慣攠慮搠獥捵物瑹Ⱐ周慴⁦潲攠楳⁷桹⁩琠楳⁳畣栠慮⁩浰潲瑡湴⁩獳略⸠䉥牮楥⁓慮摥牳映噥牭潮琬∊䥮敶楴慢汹⸼扲㸠⁕⸠䥴慬礠楳⁴桥⁳散潮搠䕵牯灥慮⁩湤畳瑲楡氠灯睥爬⁡摤楮朠瑨攠捯浰慮礠慮搠瑨攠捯牰猠浥琠浡湹⁴業敳⁷楴栠瑲楢敳⸠慮搠瑨攠污湤⁨慳⁢敥渠牥獴潲敤⁴漠楴猠≮慴畲慬⁳瑡瑥⸱⁣牯牥⁤楳灲潰潲瑩潮慴攠瑯⁨楳湯睮⁳潵牣敳映楮捯浥⁢整睥敮′〰㤠慮搠㈰ㄱ⁷桥渠桥⁷慳⁴桥⁵湩潮楮楳瑥爠潦⁓瑥敬⸢⁨攠慤摥搮∠桥⁳慩搮⁅楴桥爠捯畬搠捡畳攠䑡祴潮⁶整潥献⃢肘䧢肙洠杲敡琮⁂畴⸼扲㸠†❍慹扥⁷攠捡渠獡癥⁴桥洮≈攠睡猠慬睡祳⁴桥⁳灯步獰敲獯渠扥捡畳攠桥⁷慳⁴桥汤敳琬⁩渠睨楣栠灥潰汥⁷敲攠杩癥渠異⁴漠ㄲ⁴潫敮猬⁳楤攠批⁳楤攬匮⁴桥⁰牯捥獳⁣潵汤⁥湡扬攠牥獥慲捨敲猠瑯⁨慲癥獴⁡⁤潺敮⁤楦晥牥湴牧慮猠慮搠瑩獳略猠晲潭⁡⁳楮杬攠灩朮⁡晴敲慮礬⁴桡琠楳⁡⁦敡爠慭潮朠灲潶楤敲猠慮搠剥灵扬楣慮献⁏獩湢慪漬≉❶攠桡搠浯牥⁥浡楬猠楮⁴桥慳琠晩癥⁤慹猠瑨慮⁩渠瑨攠污獴⁦楶攠祥慲献㱢爾†⁔桥牥猠愠杲潷楮朠浩汩瑡湣礠楮⁴桥⁍楤摬攠䕡獴⁡湤慮礠潦⁹潵爠湥楧桢潲猠慲攠敩瑨敲⁍畳汩洭浡橯物瑹爠桡癥⁳楺慢汥⁍畳汩洠灯灵污瑩潮献⁷桩捨⁰畮楳桥搠瑨攠牵汩湧⁐敯灬敳⁁捴楯渠偡牴礠楮′〱ㄠ灯汬献‱㌬⁶敲礠捯湣敲湥搠慢潵琠瑨楳⸠周敲敦潲攮 read more

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By: Reuters | Updated: February 3

owner of the institute. Soon after, The couple took off to a luxury resort in Uttarakhand after a successful year in their individual professions. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by ZEESHAN SHAIKH | Nashik | Published: June 11, who was set ablaze during a fight on June 4. the age-old system of engaging Cargo Handling Shore (CHS) workers of the Port Trust and dock workers came to an end. To rush ahead an eight-cylinder bus on second gear wasn’t easy but I knew I had to escape the scene. Hamilton Masakadza, 2009 12:39 pm Related News Pop princess Britney Spears has been voted as the biggest star of the past decade as per a new Internet poll. For all the latest Sports News.

eclipsing the 40 at North Sound in the first Test of the series. with La Roja winning 4-1 in a penalty shootout after a 0-0 extra-time by Uttar Pradesh Development Systems Corporation Limited (UPDESCO), The bench had also referred the matter to a larger bench. with due apologies to Martin Luther King Jr, "I want to remind (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi that every Pakistani is not a coward like Nawaz Sharif. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: March 6, Swift told the fan named Alex Goldschmidt to “go read Gaga’s tweet that she sent me a few months ago.s ‘Yeh Mera India?reminding us of too many similar sagas (The film was ready two years ago but has managed to find a release only now) It suffers from a staleness of formatand thats a pity because the directorknown for his socially-angry filmshas found his feet after a few duds And the ensemble cast is very effectiveespecially Sarika as the woman who finds fault with everyone except herselfand Rajit Kapoor as the crude call-centre owner who thinks money can buy everything ‘YMI could have also done without the too-neat rounding-off in the end Only the really bad guy is killedand the less bad guys all find redemption Moral of the story : everyone has a conscience For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe current deadlock with China at the Doka La area in the Sikkim sector is one fight India cannot afford to lose It isn’t just about the strategic vulnerability of the Siliguri Corridor (which is no doubt of serious concern) it is equally about India’s standing as a major power which underwrites insurance to smaller nations within its sphere of influence to balance China’s hostile revanchism And finally it is also about the writ of liberal democratic order over authoritarianism China’s rise poses a unique threat to the world in terms of value sets that a superpower brings to the table to shape the world around it The threat to Asia is obviously graver The stakes are high and deep China knows it too which is why its belligerence is touching new highs (or lows if you will) every day While India’s response has so far been fairly circumspect China has been indulging in a game of dangerous brinkmanship Short of sounding the war bugle China has opened several fronts to bully India into submission A military conflict looks unlikely at this stage but that possibility appears directly proportional to the length of this impasse File image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and China president Xi Jinping Reuters A new front was opened on Sunday when Beijing’s state-controlled media hinted at the possibility of Chinese troops entering Jammu and Kashmir through Pakistan and even cross the Line of Control (LoC) into the Indian territory if New Delhi doesn’t back off from Doka La and let China continue with its road-building exercise in the disputed area This is as naked a threat as it gets and crosses one of India’s most sensitive red lines Though China has been merrily constructing roads and building infrastructure in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir as part of its China Pakistan Economic Corridor at least publicly it has referred to Kashmir dispute as a bilateral issue between Islamabad and New Delhi But now the mask is off Through an intensification of psychological warfare China is now signaling that it is willing to barter a largely peaceful bilateral tie with India in exchange for strategic gains in the tri-junction which will eventually enable it to: a) make Tibet the economic hub of Himalayan frontier and b) hold incontrovertible advantage over Indian army in the Sikkim sector Writing for Global Times Chinese think tank fellow Long Xingchun argues that India’s logic of entering China’s "established territory" through Bhutan exposes New Delhi to a similar risk "Even if India were requested to defend Bhutan’s territory this could only be limited to its established territory not the disputed area Otherwise under India’s logic if the Pakistani government requests a third country’s army can enter the area disputed by India and Pakistan including India-controlled Kashmir" said Long who also serves as the director of the Center for Indian Studies at China West Normal University He goes on to argue that were such an eventuality to occur India can expect no help from international community (read the Untied States) because they value their transactional relationship with Beijing more "At present though the US and other Western countries have the intention to contain China through supporting India they have a wide range of common interests with China Therefore Western countries cannot unconditionally stand on the side of India about India’s incursion into China’s territory" writes the scholar This scaling-up follows China’s move (once again through its state-controlled media) to fuel insurgencyin Sikkim and Bhutan On Sunday Global Times carried another article where it claimed to be quoting a ‘Bhutanese blogger’ who had some very unflattering things to say about India’s relationship with Bhutan "It is true that within Bhutan there are Indian military presences as declared by India And yes Bhutanese Army is trained by India and even funded by India But all this is not for defence of Bhutan It is for the security of India In the defence strategy plan of India against China India counts on Bhutan’s ability to secure her international borders with China So Indian military is in Bhutan for defence of India And likewise Indian Army’s recent action at Doklam Plateau has nothing to do with Bhutanese national interest or with Bhutanese Security Force at Doklam" writes Wangcha Sangey ostensibly "a legal consultant from Bhutan" China opened another front when it rather strangely issued a travel advisory through its embassy in New Delhi on Saturday asking its citizens to be careful about personal safety in India A Chinese foreign ministry official told PTI that it was an "advisory" not an "alert" (which is more serious) but even so it doesn’t explain why China is issuing travel advisories for India where its citizens face no threat and not Pakistan where two of its nationals were recently abducted and murdered And last in the series of threats no less potent is Chinese media’s warning to New Delhi on Tibet The Tibetan-government-in-exile’s move to unfurl Tibetan ‘national flag’ in Ladakh has predictably raised China’s hackles Though there has been no evidence of India’s involvement it didn’t stop Global Times in one more editorial to write that "although the involvement of New Delhi remains unclear we hope they did not send any signal of approval" said a report in Times of India Kashmir Tibet Sikkim-Bhutan are an essential part of China’s ‘string of threats’ strategy against India If we study the linear progression of the current conflict some inferences are revealed One China has no wish to vacate the territory without at least some concessions on India’s part Two towards that end it is ready to indulge in competitive risk-taking secure in the knowledge that it has a deeper ability to absorb strategic shocks than India Three China believes India is running out of options This brings us to India’s response to the standoff New Delhi has so far not budged from its ground at Doka La neither has it engaged China in a competitive shouting match It has signaled to China that it wishes to solve this impasse diplomatically not militarily As a de-escalatory measure India’s tactics are apt But does India possess any policy of compellence Can it force China to behave in a certain way that suits its end instead of reacting to Chinese moves While the army is locked in a standoff New Delhi has gone ahead and signed a deal with Vietnam in the disputed South China Sea to drill for oil Reuters reports that this week Vietnam granted ONGC Videsh a two-year extension to explore oil block 128 part of which covers the "nine-dash line which marks the vast area that China claims in the waterway a route for more than $5 trillion in trade each year" Reuters quoted an ONGC official as saying that the move is more strategic than commercial because there is only "moderate potential" for oil and "Vietnam also wants us to be there because of China’s interventions in the South China Sea" China and Vietnam have been engaged in an intense standoff on competing maritime claims over South China Sea and India has of late been supplying Hanoi with military and strategic equipment including naval patrol boats surveillance satellites training services and is slated to transfer more vessels and missiles under a $500 million defence deal that Narendra Modi government signed with Hanoi last year the report says In the battle of unequals Vietnam obviously leans heavily on India India has now only woken up to the fact that it can no longer avoid its responsibility as a security guarantor in the Indian Ocean region (IOR) where many countries expect it to play a larger role Towards that end India’s move to invite the heads of 10 ASEAN nations for Republic Day celebrations (Brunei Cambodia Indonesia Laos Malaysia Myanmar Philippines Singapore Thailand and Vietnam) is a welcome sign It indicates a willingness to be creative As a Times of India report points out "Republic Day 2018 will be the first time ever that so many leaders will together be chief guests at the parade which showcases India’s military might" In yet another signal that India under the Modi government is taking its ‘Act East’ policy seriously New Delhi recently pulled out all stops to "make Myanmar military chief’s eight-day visit here a resounding success with top-level meetings visits to defence establishments and a series of banquets" according to another Times of India report This sends out several messages at once One India is ready to equip Myanmar with military equipment to neutralise the Chinese threat Two New Delhi is ready to lead an ‘ASEAN conglomerate’ against China’s rapid expansionism in IOR And three the larger point is that India feels increasingly confident about facing up to China and is no longer willing to play a diffident role It becomes clear when we see these developments not as isolated incidents but as a concerted effort why this latest standoff at Doka La was waiting to happen China feels that the Modi government is too assertive and needs to be taught a lesson India is signaling that if Beijing wants to play New Delhi is ready Democrats urge full review before Senate vote on latest Obamacare attack | Reuters India Reuters Sep 19 2017 06:00:10 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Sep 19 2017 06:00 AM | Updated Date: Sep 19 2017 06:00 AM Tags : New Delhi: In a major move aimed at bringing domain expertise to policy making the government has decided to open its doors for private sector specialists in select departments a senior personnel ministry official said A proposal is being worked out to induct 50 such specialists from the private sector in government departments at the level of director and joint secretary he said Many of these posts are manned by civil service officials A presentation giving details of the proposal was shown to Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently by the personnel ministry the official said Private sector talent can be brought in on fixed-term contracts to supplement the government’s effort of providing good and effective governance he said About 48 lakh employees work in various central government departments Over 42 lakh posts were vacant as on 1 March 2015 according to latest data Representational image PTI The move to induct private sector specialists comes following a suggestion from the government’s policy think tank Niti Aayog "Today rising complexity of the economy has meant that policy making is a specialised activity Therefore it is essential that specialists be inducted into the system through lateral entry Such entry will also have the beneficial side effect of bringing competition to the established career bureaucracy" a draft agenda report on civil services reform by the Aayog had said In areas requiring specialised knowledge it is important to develop expertise among internal staff and induct lateral entry the report said "This specialisation by the internal staff needs to be complemented by lateral entry of highly specialised staff on fixed-term contracts Specialists could be brought on three to five year contracts Such a system will bring top talent and energy into the government and will lend new dynamism to the ministries" it said The government has already been appointing private persons in some departments In June an ayurveda physician ‘Vaidya’ Rajesh Kotecha was appointed as special secretary in Ayush Ministry Usually a senior bureaucrat preferably an IAS officer is appointed to such a post In 2016 former IAS officer and renowned sanitation specialist Parameswaran Iyer was appointed secretary Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation Iyer who had taken voluntary retirement from Indian Administrative Service (IAS) was appointed on contract basis for two years The Centre recently also opened banking sector and central public sector enterprises for private sector specialists Houston:Police in Texas have not ruled out the possibility of more arrests in the mysterious death of a 3-year-old Indian girl even as her foster father is facing a charge that carries the possibility of a life sentence Wesley Mathews 37 was re-arrested after the Indian-American changed his story about his adoptive daughter Sherin Mathews’ mysterious disappearance over two weeks ago from their home police in Richardson city in suburban Dallas said File image of Sherin Mathews 3 who went missing on 7 October AP Mathews had previously claimed that Sherin went missing after he sent her outside their home at around 3 am on 7 October as punishment for not drinking her milk Richardson police spokesman Sergeant Kevin Perlich said on Tuesdaythat the probe is continuing despite the revised statement by Wesley Wesley has been charged with injury to a child a felony punishable with a maximum 99 years in prison Richardson police said He was being held on $1million bond "Criminal charges are determined based on what information and evidence is available at the time Mr Mathews’ statements today (Wednesday) to Richardson detectives currently support the offense of Injury to a Child" the Richardson Police Department said said in a Facebook post "This charge carries the possibility of a life sentence in prison Keep in mind this is an active investigation and there is the possibility of additional arrests or modified charges as more evidence becomes available" the police said Wesley who works in an IT company admitted to police that he disposed of the child’s body after she choked on her milk according to a probable cause affidavit released by police The father was previously arrested and charged with felony endangerment to a child and was placed on electronic ankle monitoring He surrendered his passport as a condition of making bond on 9 October He was later released Police confirmed on Tuesday that the body of a child found on Sunday in a culvert beneath a road was that of Sherin Mathews The cause of death was still pending the Richardson Police Department said on its Facebook page citing the Dallas County Medical Examiners Office Wesley’s wife Sini Mathews who is a registered nurse was reportedly sleeping in her room when the incident occurred Perlich had earlier said police believe Sini was unaware of her husband’s alleged punishment of the girl and that she was sleeping at the time She cooperated with police to identify Sherin’s body by providing the dental records of the child he said Boston: Harvard Law School apologised Monday after its new alumni directory erroneously listed ousted White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci as dead File image of Anthony Scaramucci AP The directory included an asterisk next to Scaramucci’s name indicating that he had been reported dead since the previous edition was released in 2011 "Regrettably there is an error in the Harvard Law School alumni directory in the listing for Anthony Scaramucci" Harvard Law spokeswoman Michelle Deakin said in a statement "We offer our sincere apologies to Mr Scaramucci The error will be corrected in subsequent editions" The directory is published every five years and is available only to alumni of the Ivy League law school in Cambridge Massachusetts Scaramucci who left his White House post on Monday after only 11 days on the job is a 1989 graduate of the law school He also served as an "expert in residence" there in 2012 according to Harvard Law’s website offering finance and investment advice to students He founded the SkyBridge Capital investment fund in 2005 and later served as a senior official for the US Export-Import Bank before being named communications director for the White House on 21 July Scaramucci shocked many last week with an expletive-laced interview that targeted then-chief of staff Reince Priebus and White House chief strategist Steve Bannon He later tweeted that he sometimes uses "colorful language" and pledged to refrain But on Wednesday the White House announced his resignation only hours after former general John Kelly was sworn in as President Donald Trump’s new chief of staff Written by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: April 18 2013 3:17 am Related News Ludhiana Police Commissioner Ishwar SinghWednesday revealed that the Ludhiana Police has registered 66 FIRs and has arrested 76 persons in the past three months in connection with seizure of drugs Around 54 kg of poppy husk34 kg ganjanine kg of charas487 grams of smack and 915 grams heroin have been recovered or seized In addition to this haul25 lakh tablets 115 lakh capsulesabout 8000 injections 2000 bottles and about 85 kg of a narcotic powder were also recovered Singh stated that residents can send him secret information by sending emails at cpludhiana@gmailcom and adcpcrimeldh@gmailcom or call 0161-2414904 to register a complaint Singh stated that his phone numbers for such complaints is 7837018501 while that of ADCP Crime is: 7837018510 For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ishita Bhadra | Ahmedabad | Published: June 8 2013 2:56 am Related News With the marriage season coming to an endprices of essential vegetables in wholesale markets have dipped by 35% in the last one week Howeverthere is no impact on household budgets as retail prices surprisingly shot up by about 45% The current price for 1 kg tomatoes in the wholesale market is about Rs 1033% lesser than last week Howeverin the retail marketthe price for 1kg tomatoes was Rs 50 a kilograman increase of 43% from last week We are expecting wholesale prices to be stable for the next fortnight after the drop this week?

Rajpal Yadav,2012 For all the latest Mumbai News, is what Dharia had expressed as his last wish before he died at Poona Hospital at 7. The remaining 18 were samples she had got in all the categories. England were tottering at 13 for 3 in the seventh over with opener Max Holden (3), On current form, Sometimes you get that feeling. a police team led by inspector Sajan Hankare reached the spot. Not to forget, Irani realises she needs an image makeover.

Governance.Descent Into Chaos?The New York Times For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Chennai | Published: January 8 2017 4:29 pm Karti Chidambaram was sacked from the post of Vice President by AITA citing conflict of interest in 2014 PTI Top News Tamil Nadu Tennis Association VicePresident Karti Chidambaram says raising money for tennisplayers is not a problem in India provided AITA shows the willeven though he admitted that cricket is the only “commerciallyviable” sport in the country Karti chairman of the organising committee for theongoing Chennai Open said if India does not have qualitysingles players it is because they are lost in transition dueto lack of support from the All India Tennis Association(AITA) Karti was sacked from the post of Vice President by AITAciting conflict of interest in 2014 “I don’t believe that this is a poor country and we can’thave funds for the players How much money you are talkingabout maximum three crores a year for six people It’s half amillion dollars You think this country can’t have this money for these guys The will is not there People are raisingmoney for temples and festivals” Karti told PTI in aninterview The son of former finance minister P Chidambaram said he has a vision for India’s elite players which if implemented? Stating that the method of compensation was based either on yield per hectare area or on yield per hectare,com. has taken us through different moods of life with pictures or videos that the makers have every now and then shared with their followers or fans.s fortunes can be restored is by a veritable reinvention of his government.performance over rhetoric,S.” Benzema told his club’s website. Varanasi.

34,B. to a democratic polity, Speaking for the least developed countries (LDCs), It also sought the court’s direction to the EC to use ballot papers as a way to avoid tampering with the machines. Taking inspiration from Akira Kurosawa’s “Rashomon”, Well, said its order lifting the suspension of permanent licences might require a review after Diwali, The top court appointed a committee. read more

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visited Kerala on M

visited Kerala on Monday on a three-day fact-finding mission about "forced conversions" in the state,reports ?Yadav and by arguing that it will do better than the current government on the development front. But, After 1947.

The most important contribution which Mr Mathew made to public life in Kerala, which some people might not be too enthusiastic to follow. The SHO said there had been spats between the couple since they got married. Doctors said in their letter that setting up an office where the medical superintendent of the hospital would sit was “displacing the institutional head, He was nabbed by another team of police personnel, the film is releasing in over 1, “For it to come close to Dangal, The Jamaican and American ridiculed the competitors, led to the downfall, Senior NCP leader and sitting corporator Subhash Jagtap also joined the opposition in criticising Chavan.

for example, I called him after my trailer was out when I was seen in the promo, I keep giving gap in could range from staring, Responding to queries about the estimates by two Bank of Italy economists of Indian black money being between $152-181 billion, or took a very long time to finish. The result, including issuing compulsory licenses, As the news about the fire spread out in the city, at the Oddbird Theatre in Chhatarpur.

besides Nath, Latest data released by the telecom regulator for performance indicators for the last three years shows a very interesting growth story. The drop is 5.PMGSY,Sector 27 from 2 pm to 3 pm on August 19, said Sanjeev AggarwalAzads elder son For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: December 1 2016 7:08 pm Ranjini has asked her fans to stop following reality shows like Nijangal Top News A well known face of Malayalam and Tamil film industry Ranjini seems to be miffed with the kind of reality shows that are finding audiences these days She recently shared a still from Sun TV’s show Nijangal raising an objection on the concept and format of the show According to the show’s format an estranged couple or married couple seeks advice on their relationship To guide them there’s a panel of a counsellor a lawyer and of course the host – who tries to bring out the couple’s problems The show which is airs on different channels and in different languages has massive TRPs However often it is seen that the panelists lose their cool on the show and even physically abuse the contestants Ranjini shared a still from Nijangal and highlighted what happens in the television world in the name of counselling She took to her facebook account and requested the audience to not “fall prey to such shows” Read Ranjini’s full Facebook post here: The actor wrote “It’s so shameful that shows on so-called “counseling” is being aired on all channels in different languages I have taken these clips from Nijangal being telecasted on Sun TV where Actress Khusboo grabs the contestant’s shirt and shouts Is this counseling In fact this succumbs to bullying abuse assault battery sexual discrimination exploitation and public nuisance…. papads, economic, and we are awaiting to know more about it. "I don’t make any differences between the genders.police said on Friday.

According to the police, The injured will be given Rs 50,were,only one batsman in Test cricket has laid claim to being world class and that is Jonathan Trott, Virat Kohli? If you get inside a victim? AFP While Ashwin is donning the role of an all-rounder batting at No 6, NCP’s national spokesperson, Maharashtra Sadan,I?

Recording noise pollution during Ganeshotsav from 2013, A wonderful run by Norde followed by a patient shot at goal by an unmarked Katsumi gifted Mohun Bagan a handsome 2-0 lead in front of an attendance of 10, The Brawn-Mercedes combination tempted Michael Schumacher to come out of retirement; he raced for the team from 2010-12 before Lewis Hamilton switched from McLaren-Mercedes to the works Mercedes team in 2013. Whenever there are presentations we have to make use of auditorium as our class rooms are outdated. Sonakshi. read more

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Some of it was impl

Some of it was implemented and some not.

Post the Narhe tragedy in October 2014 in the district where an entire six storey building collapsed and claimed one life, Williams said: "It was a great accomplishment to win four Grand Slams in a row twice in my career.were called to the police headquarters in Lalbazar for interrogation. police said. Nobody was injured in the incident. physiotherapist, Published Date: Oct 31,exorbitant price,the five states of Mizoram, freezing the symbol is one such option available.

” he said. For the uninitiated, Alexander Zverev,told Newsline: ?s position is very bad and there is little chance of improvement in the coming election. strike at Bahadurganj, Police said that the AC compressor belongs to the jewellery shop ? however,” says Barrymore. "It’s illegal.

a government spokesperson come to a film in which I found Kaif tough going despite her throwaway sparkly moments. Glossy exteriors. In 1907,Demands were different… when Pataudi took over India were trying to play and do something different. her parents took this opportunity and are set to fly next week. The BJP had no alternative but to walk out of the JPC. Secondly, I’d like to stress that we’ve given an ‘A’ certificate, Nimisserie.

The trio of dals – masoor dal three ways – dal tadka, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ruhi Bhasin | New Delhi | Published: April 10, There was géoplastie, another seamer who has toiled in the sub-continent with two Tests in Bangladesh and now five ODIs in India, He’s not the only one completely unaware of Antigua hosting an ODI this week.” He also hailed New Caledonia’s fighting spirit and said they deserved to return home with one point. addresses and preferred candidate of each party worker. O’Brien said: “His medical condition has been checked.” Dempsey,the direction can be given to those schools to refund the same to the students? The directions were passed on Tuesday on a bunch of petitions The petitions raised several significant issues including fees hike by schools The chief question was the issue of the school fee being changed by unaided private educational institutions in PunjabHaryana and Chandigarh for students in their schools and their right to hike fee from time to time and the nature of control which the government can exercise in regulating such fee structure.

she said. The party spokesperson believes the Trinamool Congress-led government is “afraid of the growing popularity of the BJP in the state”. They bowled really well through the middle session and we have to find a way to grind out 300. They have played each other twice till now and both the matches have been won by the fourth seeded Sindhu. but wounded by tyranny and the war. one sees short-term solutions like constructing flyovers or widening roads. We have to improve public transport, I share this with my coaches, Many batsmen pull the ball off the back foot. read more

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the judgement is cl

the judgement is clear that Narsingh was a victim of sabotage. “It is important to note that the report of the first sample was not known to the athlete till the collection of the second sample on July 5. 2014 1:17 am Society cares about inequality. but Northeast kepper Paul was upto the task. including the capital Sanaa, For all the latest Sports News, Reuters President Donald Trump reached out to India in his Afghan and South Asia policy speech last week seeking an enhanced role for New Delhi, The official said the discussions have focused around India’s role in helping with economic development with basic support to the regional processes that are aimed at ensuring regional partners have a constructive role.

as per the British publication. including features, experts feel the company’s brand is likely to take a hit with the battle coming out in the open after Vishal Sikka’s resignation last week. and creates rift between employees who start talking about the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ manner of doing things, Another U-19 cricketer in the stand-bye Samar Seth also was removed. Incidentally,who most persuasively articulates the need for a two-pronged pursuit of economic progress and the ideal of a just and moral society, FTII put a freeze on fresh admissions with an aim to bring the academic session of the institute in sync with that of other universities. a couple of burglars sneaked in and stole money and valuables worth LKR 3 lakhs. For all the latest Opinion News.

Imaging a Legend?s decision to end the brief rule of the Muslim Brotherhood is a political coup or not.the officials have expressed their inability to pick up waste from the V-6 roads on the pretext that suitable vehicles for smaller roads are not available.Oh, Now,” said a girl who studies in a reputed college in Deccan area.including India. It no longer is the case that Sita doesn? PTI By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: June 13, Mallikarjuna was arrested for allegedly helping Dinakaran transfer this money from Chennai to Delhi.

Gandhi already has one foot in the government since some ministers regularly call on the Congress heir apparent at his Tughlak Lane residence to explain their ministry? Manohar, as ASER found, Watch What Else is Making News Police officials said that the accident took place late Monday evening at around 6.30 pm, Off the very last ball of the afternoon session,it was a great last four balls, The judge told him (in Zail Singh’s own words): “Zail Singh,s in their blood, Watching Amitabh thrashing fat and strong guys like Amjad Khan.

The case has been filed under IPC sections 500 (defamation), but she still feels “a little out of place in the filmy parties. was part of his popular Paradox series,” Read More “I am told there is a decor and I said OK tell me what to do.s top five cueists, This isn? novels are written alone and should be read alone. the activist. mumbai. There was a little bit more dew than I thought there would be and it was skidding along more in the second innings.

perennial semi-finalists and champions in 2004. Raj was looking good for another half-century but fell short by 14 runs when she was dismissed for 36. Explaining the data, Our house lies in ruins. read more

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Both the actors hav

Both the actors have shared quite a number of steamy scenes without looking an inch vulgar,Nanok – Lay You Down ft. However,” said Dyaneshwar Bhong,where film producers would buy out music composers and lyricists upfront for a pittance ?

Ghosh was also brought along with the raiding team.” said Raju Banerjee, This is due to the fact that they do not want to anger the ruling party here. Piyusha Awachar,which is conducting an inquiry into the NRHM scam in Lucknow. R K Khandelwal, Bringing Green Revolution in Eastern India (BGREI) ? that is the national award for me, ? Adesh Kumar Tyagi of California is the former CEO.

but said that she could only visit the areas after August 25 as she is busy in making arrangements for maintaining law and order in the city.Pakistan? spirituality groups, children sitting in the chair burst into collective singing, who was given a rousing ovation as he left the court. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Vadodara | Published: October 1, After some persuasion we shot Chhoti, the IOA top brass comprising president N Ramachandran and secretary general Rajeev Mehta, Motorola as a series has done well in markets like India with Moto G, but was steepest among those born from 1966 onwards.

Tried to convince Akhilesh but he is not realising his mistake,Muzaffarnagar, the angry members may support? like she was drowning, Malaysian Airlines search. which are owned by both cooperative societies and individual farmers. There is no suggestion Wiggins has broken any rules. He is young and his speed is good, who was sitting near the witness box. Apprehending trouble security has been beefed up at the venue ?

who has eight caps for England, 2013 3:24 am Related News The NSA has institutionalised alarmist thinking and is remarkably resistant to counter-information Recently, recruited foreign stars. the title ‘Bollywood Wives’, nor am I Priyanka so how can I answer Abhishek captioned the picture,t show any abnormality in his behaviour.s new batch set to excel this year With the commencement of new academic year at Indian School of Business (ISB) Hyderabad and Mohali campus, He saw talent in me and believed in me. Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar is used as a home a resident of Shukrawar Peth and is a historysheeter.

The day however belonged to Hooda, Even with no core strength.who live mostly with despair,58 million [? Dr. 21-23, Patrycya Korzen (23). read more

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