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Melbourne City FC have signed a FIFA player

first_imgMelbourne City FC has become the first Australian team to sign a FIFA pro.This is no great surprise in their position as part of The City Group, with both other clubs; Manchester and New York, having signed FIFA players themselves some time back.The player in question this time around is 20 year old Marcus Gomes. He said of the announcement: “I started playing FIFA 2006 when I was nine, and I could never have imagined that the game would be where it is today, or that I would be signing a professional eSports contract with a club like Melbourne City.“I have followed City for the last few years and I am really looking forward to wearing the City blue shirt at this year’s tournaments.”Gomes will be in London this week representing his new club in the FIFA Interactive World Cup. You can watch Gomes’ introductory video here:? Marcus Gomes chats to CityTV about signing with the Club. Marcus will compete at the FIFA Interactive World Cup in London this week! ? ? pic.twitter.com/OZ3ZhulqdE— Melbourne City FC (@MelbourneCity) August 15, 2017Scott Munn, Melbourne City CEO commented: “We know that many of our younger fans are playing esports regularly, and interest in the industry is growing in Australia and globally. With 16 million people playing FIFA worldwide, and the competitive FIFA scene taking shape, it is the right time for Melbourne City to move into esports.“We see a huge amount of potential and ambition in Marcus. He is a huge football fan, has proven success as a player, and is passionate about representing Melbourne City and engaging with our fans.”Esports Insider says: We’ve seen other Australian sports clubs enter esports already such as Adelaide Crows’ acquisition of Sydney team Legacy, and as mentioned this one is no great surprise with the other City Group clubs’ commitment to FIFA esports to date. Regardless, it’s another club to add to the ever expanding list of pro clubs involved in esports to some degree!last_img read more

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Why we compost

first_imgGardening has a wonderful effect of reconnecting people to dirt. Dirt is Earths’ living skin, and it maintains all the kingdoms of life. Beneath the soil is a dark, microscopic world with a thriving community of beneficial microbes, insects and worms that decompose organic matter into humus and nutrients for the plants and trees.At the heart of a natural garden there’s a compost pile.The compost pile is used to recycle kitchen wastes, leaves, grass clippings, as well as manures. Instead of throwing all this organic matter in the garbage can, it can be recycled into rich, fertile soil. Each day, millions of tons of organic wastes are thrown into landfills, instead of being returned to the dirt. It’s estimated we could reduce landfills by 40 percent just by composting, not to mention greening the earth at the same time.  Composting has even got easier in Costa Rica, now that friendly microbiological cultures are available for your compost pile.EARTH University over in Guácimo piloted a project some years ago with EM or Efficient Microorganisms. EM was developed by Dr. Teruo Higa of Japan using microbes to efficiently ferment and digest organic waste. Over the years, Costa Ricans began experimenting with cultures of microbes for composting. For example, farmers often use a mix called MM or Microorganisms of the Mountain, which was created from rainforest soil communities. And recently a new product has been developed by a Costa Rican farming family, which is now available at most leading nurseries around the country. It’s called Base Biológica and marketed by Bio-Eco. You can check the website for a selection of gardening products at: www.bioeco.co.crMany years ago, our garden reached a point of exhaustion. Suddenly things just wouldn’t grow. That’s when I first used EM to return the life to my soils and the abundance to my garden. I’ve been using Base Biológica for about two years now and with very good results. By inoculating organic wastes, a fermentation process occurs and speeds up the decomposition, preventing odors. As you use this compost in your garden, these beneficial microbes thrive in your soil and prevent pathogenic microbes from taking over.You can also use composting cultures to clean drains and improve septic tank functions. Additionally, it can be sprayed on plants and trees to protect them from disease. If you have animals, you can spray the floors and manure to reduce odors and flies.By the way, there’s a must see documentary called “Dirt –The Movie” that explains it all in a very inspiring way. “Teaming with Microbes – The Organic Gardener’s Guide to the Soil Food Web” by Jeff Lowenfels and Wayne Lewis is another must-read for the dirt under the fingernail crowd.  As the rains come, let the gardening begin!For more information on tropical gardening – naturally – contact us at: http://thenewdawncenter.info/blog.html or [email protected] Facebook Comments Related posts:Versatile superfood thrives in tropical climate A closer look at a New Year’s tradition Cassava: tropical staple, drought-friendly… cancer-busting? Give green in 2015: presents that will live on all yearlast_img read more

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Beverly Hills CA – Reported by Elite Traveler th

first_imgBeverly Hills, CA – Reported by Elite Traveler, the Private Jet Lifestyle MagazineLeading luxury mobile phone manufacturer Vertu opened their latest U.S. boutique on Beverly Hills’ famous Rodeo Drive this week, continuing the brand’s plans for global expansion. Coinciding with the store’s grand opening is the release of the new Ascent collection, a series of sleek phones designed for a fast-paced lifestyle.Like Vertu’s other boutiques, which include outposts on London’s Old Bond Street and Milan’s Via Montanapoleone, the Rodeo Drive location was strategically chosen for its reputation as one of the world’s most exclusive shopping destinations. As Vertu President Perry Oosting put it, “Vertu aims to enhance and enrich our customers’ lives through an unparalleled retail experience. Our newest boutique on Rodeo Drive is at the epicenter of luxury goods and services in Beverly Hills. This opening will further extend Vertu’s reach in the U.S. market providing continued access to our products and services for our customers.”The new store’s design references important elements from Vertu’s leading collections, including a slick color scheme of grey stone flooring, silvery-grey carpeting and metallic woven wall coverings. Glossy and matte black wall units add style while optimizing space—just like the products within, the new Vertu store is a perfect marriage of fashion and function.Visit www.vertu.com.last_img read more

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