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Death by Pokemon Go Popular Game Linked to Traffic Fatalities

first_img Battle Team Rocket in New ‘Pokemon Go’ Update‘Pokemon Sleep’ Puts Pocket Monsters in Your Dreams Within a month of its launch in July 2016, Pokemon Go became a worldwide sensation, praised for promoting physical activity and boosting local business.But the augmented reality game also came with unintended consequences.A new study (sinisterly titled “Death by Pokemon Go”) suggests the popular mobile title is partially to blame for an increase in traffic accidents and fatalities.Two Purdue University economists analyzed thousands of police reports for Tippecanoe County, Ind., during the game’s first 148 days in operation.Krannert School of Management professors Mara Faccio and John McConnell found that folks playing Pokemon Go while driving cost the district somewhere between $5.2 million and $25.5 million.“The great majority of this total is the value of lives lost,” the paper said.Scale up those estimates to nationwide levels, and you’re looking at a $2 billion to $7.3 billion cost across the whole of the US.Faccio and McConnell focused specifically on PokeStops—physical locations (often near public roadways) where users can digitally collect in-game items.And while Pokemon Go is designed to get players off their butts and onto their feet, some lazy folks will inevitably ride to the nearest point of interest. Think of it as drive-thru gaming. Which, in theory, is acceptable. Until you try to pick up Poke Balls from behind the wheel of a moving car.“We find a significant increase in crashes near PokeStops from before to after July 6, 2016,” according to the report, which tipped 134 Pokemon Go-related crashes—a 47 percent increase in total countywide collisions over five months.In response to concerns about gaming-while-driving, developer Niantic added high-speed restrictions (a pop-up message saying “You’re going too fast! Pokemon Go should not be played while driving”). But the update was not rolled out universally, leaving many areas susceptible to related accidents.“On an even sadder note,” the study said, “our analyses indicate that the county would have experienced two fewer traffic fatalities had Pokemon Go not been introduced.”Find out more in the 49-page “Death by Pokemon Go” paper, available to read online. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.center_img Stay on targetlast_img read more

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My Hero Academia Featured This Hilarious Nod to Iron Man

first_img ‘One Punch Man’ Get A Video Game, Probably Has More Punches‘Cannon Busters’ Is The Black Anime We’ve Been Waiting… Stay on target Superheroes are always a hot commodity, and you can barely throw a stone without hitting some news about an upcoming Marvel movie or a DC comic in the works. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the most popular anime series of the season (and every season since it’s launch), My Hero Academia, should feature a nod to one of the most famous heroes of all: Iron Man.The latest episode of My Hero Academia is all about one specific character: Mei Hatsume. Hatsume’s inventions range from the oblique to the awesome, but there was one in particular that shocked and awed audiences as Izuku was treated to a gallery of different suits. One of them, in particular, had a very Iron Man-esque look to it, so much so that it looked as though it was ripped straight from Iron Man 2. But that’s not all.When Izuku put the suit on, Hatsume assured him the suit would be enough to help reinforce his strength, but the suit instead just twisted the poor hero all the way around, just like Iron Man 2’s scene. Izuku looked just as confused and terrified as the poor tester did in the movie with Justin Hammer, and it’s obvious this scene was peppered in on purpose — someone on the My Hero Academia crew really loves Iron Man and comics, that much is obvious!My Hero Academia is currently in its third season, and continues to follow young Izuku Midoriya, who was born without the superpowered ability everyone else in the world seems to have: a Quirk. After he makes it his mission to become a superhero without a Quirk, he’s enlisted by the world’s most amazing hero: All Might.From there, he learns that being a hero is about far more than just what you can do with your powers. If you’re a comic fan, you might want to give it a try, especially considering the things it has in common with western superhero titles. Who knows? Future episodes may very well be teeming with more Easter eggs. We’ll make sure to share them with you if we end up seeing any more.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

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