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Blizzard agrees to issue Diablo III refunds in South Korea

first_imgBlizzard has been facing a growing backlash over the past few weeks against Diablo III from players. The cause of the strife is the requirement to always be connected to the Internet in order to play, even for the single-player experience. That requirement, coupled with servers unable to cope with demand, left the game unplayable for thousands of gamers.Consumer groups in Germany and France are the most recent to consider action against Blizzard, but in South Korea a full investigation by the Fair Trade Commission was launched after gamers realized they couldn’t return the game even though it was, in their eyes, unplayable and therefore faulty.The outcome of this investigation is that Blizzard has now agreed to offer players a full refund if they want one. However, a refund will not be available to everyone who purchased the game.If a player is Level 40 or above in the game they cannot get a refund. As the refund is based on an inability to play the game, it seems Blizzard has decided if you can get past that level you didn’t suffer much of a problem. Players between Level 21-40 can request a refund between June 25 and July 3. Players at Level 20 or below can request a refund within the first 14 days after purchase. All gamers in the region are also being offered 30 days of free access to Star Craft: Wings of Liberty as a way of saying sorry.Ultimately this investigation and anger from gamers is Blizzard’s fault. If they demand an Internet connection to play Diablo III, then the server capacity needs to be in place to cope with demand. Blizzard did not provide that at launch and is now suffering because of it.Read more at Wall Street Journal, via Eurogamer.netlast_img read more

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