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Apple has a MacBook Air with A5 processor for testing

first_imgIt is expected that come June Apple will be giving its popular MacBook Air range a hardware refresh. As part of the update the mini-laptops are expected to get Intel Sandy Bridge processors and a Thunderbolt port. We may also see a move to AMD-based GPUs in the 6000 Radeon HD series.While the use of Intel‘s latest chips is a certainty, Apple is apparently experimenting with non-Intel chips too. Japanese Mac blog Macotakara is claiming to have a source that has seen a MacBook Air running Apple’s A5 processor.What we don’t know is whether the Air running on an A5 was using Mac OS X or iOS. We’d like to assume Apple wouldn’t confuse matters and is seeing how well Mac OS X runs on its iPad processor. The results of Apple’s initial tests are thought to be “better than expected.”The test laptop was assembled by Quanta, suggesting if Apple really wanted to ship one it wouldn’t take long to get the manufacturing line setup. However, we doubt it could carry the Thunderbolt port due to the connection with Intel.Our thoughts on this test come down to a simple fact: Sandy Bridge processors will seriously outperform the A5 chip which is targeted at mobile devices like the iPad 2 and forthcoming iPhone 4S, which game developers are already getting their hands on). So we doubt Apple would consider switching the Air over to an ARM solution. But the fact they are testing with A5 in a laptop means there’s potential for a future MacBook Air running on a more powerful A6 processor in a couple of years.Read more at Macotakara, via The Registerlast_img read more

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