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Pembroke students rescue Christ Church girl

first_imgA girl from Christ Church was found unconscious and with severe injuries after a night out.The second-year was discovered lying in the middle of Pembroke Street, bleeding from the head.She was with a fresher who was trying, unsuccessfully, to pull her up from the ground, whilst cars were driving past.They were discovered by two third years, Ashley Grossmann and Caroline Stevens, who were on their way back from the bar at about 11.30pm.Stevens described how, seeing that the two were in trouble, Grossmann went into the middle of the road and successfully carried the injured girl off the road.She said that the girl had appeared to have slipped and smashed her head on a drain, which was also drenched in blood, and was bleeding heavily from the back of her head.Stevens recounts that she and Grossmann were “a bit concerned” as the injured girl was not responding to anything and her breathing was “erratic”: “she didn’t know where she was or who she was”.Grossman and Stevens phoned for an ambulance and had to carry out first aid over the phone until more help arrived.The girl was taken to the John Radcliffe hospital and had to be kept overnight.Grossmann who saved the girl from the road last Friday said it was “no big deal” and that “any guy who saw it would have done the same”.A spokesperson for the Oxfordshire ambulance services warned of the dangers of drinking following the incident. She said, “all over the country, there have been peaks of activity during fresher’s week.”“We understand that people want to go out, have a good time and do whatever but they have to be careful“Our call rates have gone up in the last few weeks and drunken accidents really make the difference.”last_img read more

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