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Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch already topping Amazons best selling list

first_imgDespite being available for pre-order for less than two days the new Kindles have shot to the top of Amazon’s Best Selling Electronics list. The Kindle Fire, which was announced yesterday, is number one on the list right now, while number two is the $79 Kindle with Special Offers, which was also announced yesterday. Coming in third is the Kindle Touch (WiFi) with Special Offers, which, like the Fire, is a pre-order for a product that will be available in November.It’s worth noting that Amazon dominates its top selling Electronics list–Kindles now rank from one down to twelve. Number thirteen is the Garming Nuvi 1450LMT portable GPS device. Item twelve, the Kindle Keyboard 3G (aka the old Kindle 3G), has been in the top 100 for an incredible 421 days, as has number ten, the Kindle Keyboard (WiFi). The point being that Amazon heavily promotes its own products and, when combined with their aggressive pricing, they can ensure that the Kindles are best-selling devices.The Kindle Fire’s top placement is interesting for a number of reasons. First of all, it has beaten out the $79 Kindle. This Kindle price drop was a big deal for Amazon and each progression drop under $100 will mean major sale increases for the Kindle readers. So despite the fact that the Kindle reader is shipping today and that it’s quite affordable, the Kindle Fire still managed to overtake it.The $99 Kindle Touch (pre-order) came in third and the $149 Kindle Touch 3G (pre-order) landed at fourth. Both of these are “with Special Offers” products, reflecting the success of Amazon’s combination of a price drop and built-in advertising. So, despite the success of e-readers over the past year, there is still considerable price sensitivity with these items.Back to the Kindle Fire, sales must have been considerable for it to hit the top spot. A lower-than-expected price surely played a factor here (the rumors had largely pointed towards a $250 device) and the slick UI and other perks helped as well. The importance of the Silk browser and connection with Amazon’s cloud services might not have resonated with consumers, but it was clear that Amazon was doing something that was both different and significant.The Kindle Fire’s feasibility as an iPad competitor has yet to be seen, but it should be enough for most people and it certainly previewed well yesterday. Given the price, the features, and people’s comfort with Amazon’s products/brand it’s not a total surprise that so many pre-orders were made yesterday and today.last_img read more

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