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Geek deals 50 percent off the Panasonic HDCTM41H Camcorder with 16GB memory

first_imgWith the onset of the digital revolution in the 90’s and 2000’s, many technologies changed in big ways. Computers and monitors/TVs evolved quite a bit and were in the spotlight a lot for those changes. Another product that we might not think of as having really been revolutionized is the camcorder. However, if you think back to the days of full-size VHS camcorders and compare it to the model featured today, you’ll realize there has been a wealth of change.The camcorder, in fact, has undergone a huge number of technological advances. As image sensors advanced, which were mostly given attention in digital cameras, so did the image quality and capability. However, the most visible and notable advancements were in the camcorder’s video storage. Thankfully the bulky VHS cassettes disappeared, to be replaced with the smaller but inconvenient digital tapes. At some point CD and DVD recording were introduced, which was more convenient but still lacked the flexibility for a point & shoot application. Miniature hard drives were a massive leap forward in flexibility, but were a bit lacking in cost efficiency and reliability.Enter: flash memory. Like so much else in modern technology, the commoditization of flash memory has made for huge advances in performance, cost, and flexibility. This petite Panasonic HDC-TM41H has 16GB of built-in storage, good for up to 6 hours of HD footage, and can expand further with SD cards. The lens has an effective 16.8x optical zoom with a wealth of image stabilization to clean up your shaky shots. You won’t mind taking it everywhere with you either, thanks to a weight that comes in just over one third of a pound.The flexibility and practicality of such a modern camcorder is great, but what’s even better here is the price. You are saving a whopping 50%/$190 off the MSRP from Panasonic and this deal is a massive $80 cheaper than the next best price. The ginormous $152 coupon code is good through September 30th, but these units may not stay in stock so don’t wait long on this one.Visit LogicBuy to pick up the Panasonic HDC-TM41Hlast_img read more

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