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Google may bring back Realtime Search but will Google updates replace tweets

first_imgGoogle released Google Realtime Search back in December of 2009. Realtime Search provided Google users with real-time data from social media sites like Twitter, and Facebook whenever you entered a search query.It was especially useful when there were major world events in the news that had Twitter overflowing with links and people commenting on the event. You could watch the tweets scroll by on your Google homepage and stay up to speed. However, Google removed Realtime Search in July after the company couldn’t form an agreement with Twitter, making the feed Twitter-less and much more boring.But that was back before Google+ was around. The search feature was disabled at the launch of Google+ to many people’s dismay. Google’s Amit Singhal told Mashable that Google took Realtime Search down because the “value the product was providing was not enough.” He added that the Google Search team is working on bringing the product back and that they were experimenting with adding data from Google+.Google+ now has 25 million users, meaning Google can hypothetically fill the Realtime Search feed with content from Google+ users. However, if Google still doesn’t make an agreement to have access to the source of Twitter’s real-time tweets, the product could still be lacking, even with all of Google+’s content.Though Google+ has a ton of users, it’s just not used the same way that Twitter is — at least for right now. People are still using Twitter primarily to post links, talk about news, and share what they just had for lunch while Google+ is on the backburner for most people.People know that they can go to Twitter to find celebrities, brands, and verified accounts. That being said, Google+ has these things too, to some extent, but people are still going to Twitter first to find out what Ashton has to say or to see the latest breaking news from reporters in the Middle East.Also, as of right now, there’s no search feature in Google+ like there is in Twitter, but Singhal said Google is currently working on adding that to its new baby.We’re hoping that Google will make nice with Twitter so that we can see both tweets and Google+ posts coexist peacefully in our Realtime Search.via Mashablelast_img read more

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