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IPL 2017, GL vs DD Highlights: How Shreyas Iyer and Pat Cummins snatched victory for Delhi from the jaws of defeat

first_imgShreyas Iyer scripted a sensational two-wicket win for Delhi Daredevils with a classy 96 against Gujarat Lions, breathing life into what otherwise was a dead rubber of the Indian Premier League. (POINTS TABLE | LIVE SCORECARD)Aaron Finch (69 off 39) stitched a 92-run stand with Dinesh Karthik (40 off 28) to lead Lions to 195 for five.Daredevils looked down and out at 121 for six, needing another 75 off 36, before Iyer came up with a dazzling display of strokeplay to stage a dramatic turnaround for Daredevils.He reached his highest IPL score but was unlucky to miss out on a well deserved hundred. Overall, Iyer hammered 15 fours and two sixes in his 57-ball knock.Amit Mishra struck consecutive fours after his team needed nine off the last over bowled by Basil Thampi.It was an inconsequential game with both teams out of the play-off race before Iyer’s special knock made it a match to remember.HIGHLIGHTS: Shreyas Iyer is the man of the match and deservingly so, This young man shined bright like a diamond tonight!#DhoomDhamaka#DDTweets#GLvDD#DilDilliHai pic.twitter.com/MJzvBSzbBi-  Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) May 10, 2017Interesting!! Only once in their #IPL history Gujarat Lions 172/6 has successfully managed to defend a total.vs DD 171/5 – won by 1 run in 2016!#GLvDD- Mohandas Menon (@mohanstatsman) May 10, 2017Shreyas Iyer played a blinder. He smacked the insipid Gujarat bowling to all parts and took Delhi at the doorstep of victory. Pat Cummins gave him good support as well and should be praised for his sensible batting. With 9 needed to win off the last over, Basil Thampi cleaned up Iyer, thereby reigniting hope in the Gujarat camp. But Delhi got an unlikely hero in Amit Mishra, who hit back-to-back boundaries to earn a thrilling win.advertisement#IPL Match 50 – @DelhiDaredevils 197/8, beat @TheGujaratLions 195/5 by 2 wickets. Relive the game https://t.co/s5iTpoVhNR #GLvDD pic.twitter.com/sWOYYHgG6F- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) May 10, 2017DELHI INNINGS:Brilliant win for Delhi! It was an action-packed run chase with the pendulum swinging both ways. Karun Nair provided a quickfire start in spite of losing Sanju Samson cheaply. Some inspirational fielding by Gujarat saw Delhi lose three middle order wickets via run outs and that pushed them on the back foot. But, Shreyas Iyer at another end was determined to see his side through.23.36 IST: B Thampi to A Mishra FOUR! Mishra has won it for Delhi! Thampi bowls it slower but fails to execute it properly. Mishra gets a long way across and scoops it on the fullfine down the leg side. Akshdeep Nath the substitute, tries to cut itoff with a dive but fails to make the much-needed stop. The ball reaches the fence and that’s victory for the visitors. DELHI WIN BY 2 WICKETS! 23.36 IST: B Thampi to A Mishra FOUR! What a start by Mishra! He comes down the track a touch and flicks it through mid-wicket. Doesn’t time it well but finds the gap and has enough on it to take it to the fence.23.35 IST: Amit Mishra is the new batsman. 7 needed from 4 balls.23.35 IST: B Thampi to S Iyer OUT! Dragged on! Another twist in the game! Thampi bowls a low full toss around off, Iyer looks to go hard at it. Gets an inside edge and the ball hits the middle stump. The whole of Gujarat camp is delighted. Shreyas Iyer walks back disappointed. He played such a superb knock but has failed to see his team through. Can Thampi win it for Gujarat from hereon?WICKET. Basil Thampi with a perfect yorker gets Shreyas Iyer bowled. He falls for 96. Great innings! #GameMaariChhe #GLvDD- The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) May 10, 201723.33 IST: Basil Thampi to bowl the last over. 23.26 IST: J Faulkner to  M Shami FOUR! Another misfield! Soni is the culprit this time. Faulkner bowls a slower one. Shami looks to slog it but the bat turns in his hand and the ball slices towards short third man. Soni there, moves to his right but the ball turns away from him. He gets wrong-footed and fails to stop it even by stretching his left hand out. The ball runs to the fence behind. This is pressure. DD:187/7 (19 overs) Delhi need 9 runs in 6 balls23.26 IST: J Faulkner to P Cummins OUT! Cummins holes out! Length delivery, angling away, Cummins looks to have a go at it. Goes through with his heave but mistimes it. The ball travels straight to Smith at long on, who doesn’t make any mistake.WICKET. Cummins holes out to long on. Is there a twist in this game? #GameMaariChhe #GLvDDadvertisement- The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) May 10, 201723.24 IST: Superb over from Basil Thampi. DD:181/6 (18 overs) Delhi need15 runs in 12 balls23.20 IST: J Faulkner  to S Iyer FOUR!  Drilled the full delivery past Finch at mid off for a boundary. 21 runs from the over! DD:173/6 (17 overs) Delhi need 23 runs in 18 balls23.18 IST: J Faulkner  to S Iyer SIX! Mistimed but over the ropes! A touch ahead of a length around off, Iyer looks to tonk but gets it off the toe end. Still has enough on it to clear long off for a biggie.23.16 IST: J Faulkner to P Cummins SIX! Into the stands! On a length and angling in, Cummins clears his front leg and smokes it over wide long on for a maximum. Another good start to the over for Delhi!23.13IST:  D Kulkarni to S Iyer FOUR! This time it’s finer! Back of a length delivery on the hips, tickled fine down the leg side for a boundary. 20 runs have been scored off the last 5 balls. Game on! DD:152/6 (16 overs)  Delhi need 44 runs in 24 balls23.12 IST:  D Kulkarni to S Iyer FOUR!   Back of a length delivery, angling in, Iyer tucks it neatly. Beats the man at short fine leg and gets another boundary. Delhi need 50 runs in 28 balls23.12 IST:  D Kulkarni to S Iyer FOUR! Length delivery outside off, Iyer makes room and punches it through extra cover for a boundary. Good start to the over by Iyer.23.10 IST: P Sangwan to  P Cummins FOUR!  17 off the over! Back of a length delivery, angling away, Cummins smashes it hard past the bowler. Beats mid off and gets another boundary DD: 138/6 (15 over) Delhi need 58 runs in 30 balls23.08 IST: P Sangwan to  P Cummins FOUR! Through the gap! Off cutter around off, Cummins makes room and drives it hard through the gap between mid off and covers for a boundary.23.07 IST: P Sangwan to S Iyer FOUR! Clever from Iyer! He first moves across and then backs away, disturbing the line of the bowler. Sangwan bowls it back of a length around off, Iyer then cuts it past backward point and gets back-to-back boundaries.23.07 IST: P Sangwan to S Iyer FOUR! Another poor fielding effort. On a length outside off, Iyer makes room and slaps it through covers. Thampi in the deep, looks to cut it off with a slide but makes a mess. Allows the ball to go through and conceded a boundary.23.04 IST:  D Kulkarni to C Brathwaite OUT! Brathwaite crumbles under pressure! Back of a length delivery, angling in, Brathwaite goes for a heave but can’t quite get the connection. The ball lobs off the higher part of the bat and Kulkarni gets underneath it to take a sitter. The dangerous Brathwaite departs. DD: 121/6 (14 overs)OUT. @dhawal_kulkarni gets his 1st wicket and #DD now find themselves in trouble. They are 121/6 in 13.5 overs. #GameMaariChhe #GLvDD- The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) May 10, 201723.02 IST: Dhawal Kulkarni is back on.22.58 IST: R Jadeja to C Brathwaite FOUR! Jadeja fires this one full outside off. Brathwaite looks to reverse sweep but seems to have missed it. Even Karthik behind the stumps misses as he lets it through his legs to the fence behind. The umpire, however, signals runs.  DD: 119/5 (13 overs) Strategic Timeout Delhi need 77 runs in 42 ballsadvertisement#Jaddu ends his spell. 4 overs, 31 runs. #GameMaariChhe #GLvDD- The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) May 10, 201722.57 IST: R Jadeja to C Brathwaite FOUR! Innovative! Carlos premeditates this one. Goes down on one knee and paddle scoops it over short fine leg for a boundary.22.56 IST: B Thampi to S Iyer FOUR! Poor fielding from Kulkarni! Length delivery outside off, Iyer juts glides it through backward point. Kulkarni in the deep, runs across, puts in a desperate dive but fails to stop the ball from going through. Much-needed boundary for Delhi, this! DD: 110/5 (12 overs) Delhi need 86 runs in 48 balls22.55 IST: Carlos Brathwaite is the new man in.22.52 IST: B Thampi to C Anderson RUN OUT! Another direct hit from Jadeja! You just can’t keep this guy out of the game. Anderson dabs this length delivery with soft hands towards backward point and takes off. Iyer spots Jadeja there and sends Anderson back. The Kiwi, turns and tries coming back but it’s too late as Jadeja has scored another bull’s eye at the striker’s end. The umpire goes upstairs and the replay shows that Anderson was well out. Jadeja has turned this game with his brilliance in the field.A good throw from Jadeja and #CoreyAnderson has to go.#DDTweets #GLvDD #DilDilliHai-Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) May 10, 201722.52 IST: B Thampi to C Anderson FOUR! Back of a length outside off, Anderson cuts it into the ground and gets it through point for a boundary.22.50 IST: Basil Thampi is back on.22.48 IST: FOUR! Flatter and shorter outside off, Iyer makes room and cuts it through point for a boundary. Brings up his fifty with that. He has been absolutely superb tonight. 6th IPL fifty for Shreyas Iyer! DD 98/4 (11 overs)22.47 IST: Corey Anderson is the new man in.22.46 IST: OUT! Jadeja special! A good length delivery outside off, Shreyas drops it down in front of point and calls his partner for a run. Ravindra Jadeja attacks the ball from point, picks it up and fires in a direct hit at the striker’s end. He is running in celebration and it’s referred upstairs. The replays find Samuels short. What an inspirational piece of fielding! 104 needed off 60 balls.#MarlonSamuels falls short of his ground and he has to walk back.#DDTweets #GLvDD #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) May 10, 201722.43 IST: FOUR! Guided it away! Faulkner delivers again on a length outside off, Iyer stays put, opens the face of the bat and gets it away from the splice. It runs wide of the diving keeper and beats the dive in the deep as well to find the fence.22.42 IST: FOUR! Gets it fine this time! Faulkner once again offers width outside off, Iyer this time calmly watches it onto his bat and guides it to third man for a boundary.22.41 IST: SIX! A mishit but it has gone all the way! Flighted ball around off, fuller in length, Shreyas swings his bat across the line, the bat face remains a touch open and he ends up skying it over mid on. For a moment Finch thought he is in with a chance but the ball sails over him. DD 82/3 in 9 overs22.38 IST: Marlon Samuels walks out in the middle. 124 runs are needed off 75 balls. The West Indian have scripted some great chases for his national team. Can he do it for Delhi this time?22.37 IST: OUT! Faulkner removes Nair for 30. OUT! Soft dismissal! Faulkner deceives the batsman with a slower delivery. It’s landing on a length outside off and Nair is early through his shot and lofts it over extra cover. Smith backtracks from inside the ring and completes the catch safely. End of a promising knock by Karun! DD 72/3 in 7.3 overs, chasing 196 22.33 IST: Time Out has been taken. After losing some early wickets, the partnership between Karun Nair and Shreyas Iyer has got Delhi back on track. DD are 71/2 (7 overs)22.33 IST: FOUR! Flatter and quicker on middle, Nair brings out the reverse sweep, doesn’t middle it quite well but gets it away over short third man for a boundary. 7 from this over.22.32 IST: 50-run stand between Iyer and Nair. And a much-needed one for Delhi.22.30 IST: Ravindra Jadeja is brought immediately after the end of the Powerplay.22.29 IST: FOUR! Easy pickings! 17 from the over. Smith offers width outside off with third man inside the ring. Nair just opens the face and deliberately runs it past the fielder for a boundary. DD are 64/2  (6 overs)22.28 IST: FOUR! Nair on fire! Slightly short this time, around middle, Karun thwacks it over mid on for a boundary.22.28 IST: FOUR! Nearly wen all the way! A length ball around off, Nair attacks it and dismisses it over mid on for a boundary.22.27 IST: FOUR! Poor length to start the spell. Short and wide outside off, Iyer camps back and smacks it through cover-point for a boundary.22.26 IST: Dwayne Smith comes on for a bowl.22.25 IST: SIX! Clean hit! Nair clears his front leg to a length ball and hoists it over long off for a biggie. Fine connection from Nair and it sailed into the stand. 15 from the over! DD are 47/2 (5 overs)22.24 IST: FOUR! Full and on the pads, Iyer picks it up and smashes it past short fine leg for another boundary in this over.22.22 IST: FOUR! Fabulous shot! An overpitched delivery on middle, Shreyas whips it off his pads and sends it whistling to the deep mid-wicket.22.21 IST: Basil Thampi is introduced now.22.16 IST: FOUR! Up and over! Short outside off, Iyer slaps it over backward point for a boundary. Rare freebie from Sangwan, this! DD:32/2 (4 overs)22.18 IST: There’s a streaker out in the field. He came out to meet the Gujarat skipper, who is the local lad as well.22.16 IST: P Sangwan to K Nair FOUR! In the air… but over! Fuller length delivery, angling away. Nair lofts it with the angle. Ends up slicing it over extra cover for a boundary.22.13 IST: D. Kulkarni to S. Iyer FOUR!  Back of a length ball outside off, punched beautifully through point for a boundary. DD: 22/2 (3 overs)22.09 IST: P Sangwan to R Pant  RUN OUT!  School boy error from Pant and he’s run out. DD:15/2 (2 overs) What happened there? #SureshRaina with a brilliant piece of fielding hits the stumps direct. Pant goes 2nd ball. #GameMaariChhe #GLvDD pic.twitter.com/bXl85vNqBx- The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) May 10, 201722.09 IST: P Sangwan to R Pant  FOUR!  Packs a punch first up and feels the pain in his left arm. Sangwan serves a back of a length ball on off, Rishabh rocks back and smashes it over mid-wicket for a boundary. He immediately pulls out his bottom hand after executing the shot and is feeling some discomfort.22.07 IST: P Sangwan to S Samson OUT! Aahhh…commentator’s curse, as they say. Samson drags it on! Sangwan digs in a short ball around off, Samson tries to pull across the line but gets a massive inside edge onto the stumps.WICKET. Stumps castled. Samson was looking good but his stay on the wicket has been cut short. Sangwan, you beauty! #GameMaariChhe #GLvDD- The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) May 10, 201722.06 IST: P Sangwan to S Samson FOUR! Cracking reply by Samson! Stays put to a length ball and plays a scorching drive through covers for a boundary. Lovely timing and placement. Looking in fine form!22.05 IST: Pradeep Sangwan to share the attack from the other end.22.02 IST: D Kulkarni to S Samson, FOUR! Samson gets going on the first ball of the innings. What a sweet beginning! Kulkarni serves a back of a length ball around off, Samson stays on top of the bounce and punches it nicely through the gap at cover-point for a boundary. DD: 7/0 (1 overs)22.00 IST: Sanju Samson and Karun Nair will begin the batting proceedings for Delhi while Dhawal Kulkarni will start Gujarat’s bowling attack.Delhi were dismal with the ball after a decent beginning. They went completely flat in the middle overs and also conceded aplenty at the death. It appears to be a two-paced surface and the visitors will have to plan their chase smartly. Gujarat also cannot afford to relax as bowling is one area where they have struggled this season. Do join us for the run chase in a short while.GUJARAT INNINGS:Gujarat finish the innings with a boundary and post a challenging total of  195/5 in 20 overs.That’s a strong total put on the board by Gujarat. After being put to bat, they suffered early blows but the pair of Aaron Finch and Dinesh Karthik bailed them out with a fine 92-run partnership. That stand revived the innings and helped the hosts post a total close to 200.21.45 IST: P Cummmins to J. Faulkner FOUR! Streaky runs to end the innings! On a length and angling in, Faulkner makes room and goes through with his wild slog. Gets an inside edge and the ball runs past Samson behind the stumps to the fence behind. GUJARAT FINISH ON 195/5!Four byes to end the over. The Lions end with 195/5 in their 20 overs. #DD need 196 to win. #GameMaariChhe #GLvDD- The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) May 10, 201721.40 IST: Pat Cummins balls the last over for Delhi. Sanju Samson takes over keeping duty, as Rishabh Pant walks off the pitch. Delhi will hope, Rishabh recovers quickly, he will be required during the chase.#DilliBoy #RishabhPant looks a bit in trouble, we hope he’ll be back soon on the field.#DDTweets #GLvDD #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) May 10, 201721.35 IST: M Shami to A Finch OUT!  Cleaned up! Shami spears in a superb yorker on middle. Finch clears his front leg and has a wild swing at it but misses the ball completely. The ball goes through and knocks the middle pole. Superb delivery, this! End of a superb innings from Finch. Huge wicket as the dangerous Finch departs. GL:183/5 (19 overs)A fabulous innings from fabulous Finch. 69 off just 39 balls. 6 fours and 4 monstrous sixes. #GameMaariChhe #GLvDD pic.twitter.com/VYqtDhZi4a- The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) May 10, 2017Struck the stumps like thunder!What a delivery by #Shami.GL 180/5#DDTweets#GLvDD#DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) May 10, 201721.33 IST: M Shami to R Jadeja FOUR! High full toss around off, Jadeja makes most of this freebie. Smashes it over wide mid on for a boundary. Good start to the over.Shami gives a gift and #Jaddu gladly accepts it. Full toss, dispatched for FOUR. #GameMaariChhe #GLvDD- The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) May 10, 201721.29 IST: P Cummins to A Finch FOUR!  Length delivery, angling in, Finch makes slight room and whips it over wide mid on for a boundary. Back-to-back boundaries for the Aussie. GL: 175/4 (18 overs)Back to back boundaries for @AaronFinch5. Just the start we needed in the 18th over. #GameMaariChhe #GLvDD-The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) May 10, 201721.29 IST: P Cummins to A Finch FOUR! Over the infield. Full outside off, Finch gets down on one knee and goes inside out over covers for a boundary. Superb shot, that!21.25 IST:  C Brathwaite to A Finch FOUR! Pierced! Back of a length outside off, Finch guides it through the gap between short third man and backward point for a boundary. 16 runs and a wicket from the over. GL:164/4 (17 overs)21.26 IST:  C Brathwaite to R Jadeja FOUR! High full toss outside off, Jadeja slashes it over backward point. There’s huge gap there and Jadeja gets off the mark with a boundary.21.25 IST:  C Brathwaite to A Finch SIX! Brings up his fifty. 13th IPL fifty for Aaron Finch! What a way to bring up fifty! Full around middle and off, Finch clobbers it straight down the ground for a maximum. This has been a superb knock from the Aussie.21.23 IST: C Brathwaite to D Karthik OUT! Karthik holes out! Brathwaite bowls a slower delivery, slightly fuller on the middle. Karthik looks to loft it with the angle, but fails to get power behind it. The ball travels towards Anderson at long on, who takes a superb catch, diving ahead. The umpire however checks upstairs and the replays show that it was a very clean catch. End of a 92-run stand. Much-needed breakthrough for Delhi.#CoreyAnderson dives forward and collects it beautifully.What a catch!#DDTweets#GLvDD#DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) May 10, 2017Aaron Finch and Dinesh Karthik are amidst a 92-run stand and they have put Gujarat on top after early hiccups. They are well on course to get a total around 180-190 which should be challenging on this pitch. Delhi need wickets in the end overs to restrict them to as low a total as possible.21.19 IST: Z Khan to A Finch SIX!  Just over the man! Another knuckle ball, this time around leg, Finch gets into the position early and pulls it over Samson at deep square leg for a maximum. GL:148/3 (16 overs) Strategic Timeout21.18 IST: Z Khan to A Finch FOUR! Leg Byes! Huge shout for lbw! Khan bowls it very full around leg. Finch tries to be cheeky as he moves across, kneels down and looks to sweep. Misses and the ball goes off his boots to the fine leg fence. Khan appeals for lbw and is very confident but the umpire rules it not out. The replays show that the umpire was spot on as the ball pitched outside leg.21.16 IST: Zaheer Khan comes on for his last over. 21.12 IST: C Brathwaite to A Finch FOUR! Brathwaite gets his line wrong. Angles it down the leg side. Finch only has to get a fine tickle to it and he does. The ball runs to the fence and gets himself another boundary.  GL:134/3 (15 overs)21.11 IST: M Shami to D Karthik SIX! Slightly fuller outside off, Karthik just lofts it through the line over the bowler’s head for a maximum. Pure timing!  GL:126/3 (14 overs)Much needed SIX from @DineshKarthik. That definitely was a glam shot. Straight as an arrow! #GL 126/3 in 14 overs. #GameMaariChhe #GLvDD pic.twitter.com/rJGMV11Gfg- The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) May 10, 201721.07 IST: Mohammed Shami is back on.21.04 IST: C Anderson to D Karthik FOUR!  Poor delivery, punished! Angling down leg, Karthik tickles it fine down the leg side for a boundary. 9 runs off the over already. GL:  115/3 (13 overs)21.03 IST: C Anderson to A Finch FOUR! 50-run partnership up. Angling into the batsman, Finch drags his pull off the inner half. Gets it through the vacant square leg region and a boundary is signaled.  FOUR. Corey Anderson has been treated with a delightful boundary. Finchy will be looking to get a big score tonight. #GameMaariChhe #GLvDD- The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) May 10, 201721.00 IST: P Cummins bowls another tidy over. Just five from it. GL: 103/3 (12 overs) 20.56 IST: C Anderson to D Karthik FOUR! Through the gap! Length delivery around off, Karthik comes forward a touch, makes room and punches it through wide mid off for a boundary. GL: 98/3 (11 overs)Slapped off the backfoot. That was hit on the up. In the gap and onto the boundary. #GL 96/3 in 10.4 overs. #GameMaariChhe #GLvDD- The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) May 10, 201720.54 IST: Corey Anderson into the attack.20.52 IST: Tidy over from Carlos Brathwaite. GL:91/3 (10 overs)10 down and 10 more to go.#GL 91/3.#DDTweets #GLvDD #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) May 10, 201720.49 IST: After the early stutter, the current partnership is trying to revive the innings. Aaron Finch opened his arms in the last over and it seemed they will try to attack the bowlers in the middle overs. Exciting phase in the match coming up…20.45 IST: A Mishra to A Finch The bowler corrects his line and length but still suffers. Flighted and full wide outside off, Aaron latches onto it and powers it over long off for a maximum. SIX! GL: 85/3 (9 overs) Strategic Time-out20.45 IST: A Mishra to A Finch SIX! Short and put away massively by the Aussie. Finch picks the length very early, goes deep inside the crease and rockets his pull shot over mid-wicket.SIX. That was a short ball, asking to be hit and @AaronFinch5 does what’s required. #GameMaariChhe #GLvDD pic.twitter.com/NY9Z4qh5qF- The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) May 10, 201720.42 IST: C Brathwaite to A Finch FOUR! Full in length on off, angling into the batsman, Finch stands tall, picks it off his pads and deflects it neatly through backward square leg for a boundary. GL: 70/3 (8 overs)20.40 IST: Carlos Brathwaite, the big West Indian, is inserted into the attack.20.38 IST: A MIshra to D Karthik FOUR! Mishra loses his radar and slips a quicker one down the leg side, Karthik nudges it fine down the leg side and fetches a boundary. GL: 62/3 (7 overs)Glanced away for FOUR. @DineshKarthik keeps the scoreboard ticking.#GL 62/3 in 7 overs. #GameMaariChhe #GLvDD- The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) May 10, 201720.37 IST: Aaron Finch is the new man in. Can he steady the ship for the hosts?20.35 IST: A Mishra to I Kishan OUT!  Mishra lets out a clever googly, landing it full and outside off, Kishan gets down on one knee in an attempt to repeat the last sweep shot but this time it catches the top edge. The ball loops in the air, Zaheer Khan moves across to his left and takes the simplest of catches. End of a scratchy knock by Ishan and Gujarat are in trouble!#AmitMishra strikes!The googly does the job.#IshanKishan goes for 34(25).#DDTweets#GLvDD#DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) May 10, 201720.35 IST: A Mishra to I Kishan FOUR! Probably a flipped this time, pushed through quicker but it’s down the leg side, Kishan gets down on one knee and sweeps it fine past the short fine leg fielder for a boundary.20.33 IST: P Cummins to D Karthik FOUR! Shot of a batsman in prime form! A shade overpitched outside off, Karthik leans forward, opens the face of the bat at the right time and threads his drive through the gap at covers for a boundary. Gets off the mark in the best possible way.  GL: 50/2 (6 overs)20.31 IST: P Cummins to S Raina OUT! Cummins gets his revenge immediately. This time the bowler anticipates well. He spears it a lot fuller and in the line of the stumps, 146 kph, Raina once again makes space to go over the off side but is beaten for pace this time. The stumps are shattered and Pat is delighted.Bowled! #DilliBoy @patcummins30 strikes and gets the big wicket of Suresh Raina.#DDTweets #GLvDD #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) May 10, 201720.29 IST: P Cummins to S Raina FOUR! Cummins bangs in a short ball around off, Raina anticipates it superbly, moves back to make space and slaps it over cover-point for a boundary.20.28 IST: Pat Cummins, the Aussie speedster, is introduced into the attack.20.25 IST: Z Khan to I Kishan FOUR!  Zaheer hurls across a fullish delivery outside off, Ishan without much footwork tries to drive it through covers but gets a big inside edge past the stumps to fine leg for a boundary.  GL: 39/1 (5 overs)That’s the end of the 5th over and #GL 39/1#DDTweets #GLvDD #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) May 10, 201720.21 IST: M Shami to I Kishan FOUR!  Another poor delivery and punished! Shami keeps it short and around leg, Kishan sets himself up for the pull shot and dismisses it over short fine leg for a boundary. GL: 31/0 (4 overs)PULLED for FOUR. His pull shot is a thing of beauty. @ishankishan23 20* off 15 balls. #GL 31/1 in 3.5 overs. #GameMaariChhe #GLvDD- The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) May 10, 201720.20 IST: M Shami to I Kishan SIX!  Excellent shot, this! Full and drifting down the leg side, Ishan loves them there, kneels down and slogs it over short fine leg for a boundary.SIX. Smith’s wicket will not curb @ishankishan23’s strokeplay. That was effortless. #GameMaariChhe #GLvDD pic.twitter.com/uUXlftrRPm- The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) May 10, 201720.19 IST: The skipper, Suresh Raina walks out to bat.20.17 IST: M Shami to D Smith RUN OUT! Shami runs in and slants in a shortish ball on middle, Dwayne mistimes his pull shot towards short fine leg and his partner calls him through for a single. The West Indian is a bit late in taking off and Amit Mishra fires in a weak throw towards the bowler’s end. Shami however is quick, he gathers the ball and deflects it onto the stumps. They appeal and the third umpire is referred. The replays show that Smith is well short. Smart work by Shami.Fantastic work by our #DilliBoys as we get the big man.#DwayneSmith walks back to the dug out.GL 21/1#DDTweets#GLvDD#DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) May 10, 201720.12 IST: Z Khan to I Kishan FOUR! Zaheer is too straight in line, it’s fuller in length and Ishan flicks it crisply through the gap at mid-wicket for a boundary. GL: 21/0 (3 overs)FOUR more. @ishankishan23 looking good here. Whipped away for a boundary. #GL 19/0 in 2.1 overs. #GameMaariChhe #GLvDD- The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) May 10, 201720.08 IST: M Shami to I Kishan FOUR! Fine shot! Runs for the young man. Shami delivers it on a fuller length around off, Kishan presses forward confidently and unfurls a lovely square drive for a boundary. GL: 15/0 (2 overs)Match 50. 1.3: M Shami to I Kishan, 4 runs, 13/0 https://t.co/BU34BSdHaJ #GLvDD- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) May 10, 201720.07 IST : Mohammed Shami to operate from the other end. A slip in place for him as well.20.01 IST:  Z. Khan to D.Smith FOUR!  It’s a lightning quick outfield! Zaheer strays on the pads, it’s a fuller length ball and Smith clips it sweetly past the diving backward square leg fielder for a boundary. GL: 7/0 (1 over)FOUR. That was just a touch from Smith and it raises away to the boundary. Quick outfield this. #GameMaariChhe #GLvDD- The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) May 10, 201720.00 IST: The men concerned are out in the centre. It’s the pair of Dwayne Smith and Ishan Kishan to open for Gujarat. Zaheer Khan with the new ball.Captain #ZaheerKhan starts with the new ball.#DDTweets #GLvDD #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) May 10, 201719.47 IST: Only change for Delhi, Carlos Brathwaite in for Kangiso Rabada. Here’s how the #PlayingXI looks like for tonight’s match against the Lions.#GLvDD#DilDilliHai pic.twitter.com/Z6xTlwEiJO- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) May 10, 201719.45 IST: Gujarat have no changes. Here’s our Playing XI for tonight’s game. #GameMaariChhe #GLvDD pic.twitter.com/dQja0C93lY- The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) May 10, 201719.34 IST: Playing XIs:Gujarat Lions (Playing XI): Dwayne Smith, Ishan Kishan, Suresh Raina(c), Dinesh Karthik(w), Aaron Finch, Ravindra Jadeja, James Faulkner, Dhawal Kulkarni, Pradeep Sangwan, Basil Thampi, Ankit SoniGL XI: DR Smith, I Kishan, S Raina, D Karthik, A Finch, R Jadeja, D Kulkarni, J Faulkner, P Sangwan, B Thampi, A Soni- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) May 10, 2017Delhi Daredevils (Playing XI): Sanju Samson, Karun Nair, Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant(w), Corey Anderson, Marlon Samuels, Carlos Brathwaite, Pat Cummins, Amit Mishra, Mohammed Shami, Zaheer Khan(c)DD XI: S Samson, K Nair, S Iyer, R Pant, C Anderson, M Samuels, C Brathwaite, P Cummins, A Mishra, M Shami, Z Khan- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) May 10, 201719.32 IST: Delhi win toss, will ball first. TOSS: @DelhiDaredevils won the toss and they have decided to bowl first. #GameMaariChhe #GLvDD pic.twitter.com/ZSD68LtDsW- The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) May 10, 201719.30 IST: Players warming up, for first match in Kanpur this season. The @DelhiDaredevils are all set to take on the @TheGujaratLions at Green Park Stadium, Kanpur #GLvDD pic.twitter.com/nUX2E3c577- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) May 10, 2017The @TheGujaratLions are warming-up ahead of their game against @DelhiDaredevils #GLvDD pic.twitter.com/Bn1wVDjvjL- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) May 10, 201719.12 IST: How the point table looks like as of now. Check the Points Table here#IPL Here’s the Points Table at the end of Match 49 pic.twitter.com/kRAYaO4l1o- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) May 10, 201719.08 IST: Though there is some time still for the toss.Who do you think will win the toss tonight Dilli?#GLvDD#DilDilliHai pic.twitter.com/K5TY4OpQHX- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) May 10, 201719.06 IST: New pitch in new city. Skipper @ImRaina, coach @bradhodge007, assistant coach @MohammadKaif, @IrfanPathan and Pradeep Sangwan inspecting the pitch. #GameMaariChhe pic.twitter.com/kGike5Dfvd- The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) May 10, 201719.05 IST: The players are out, warming up.First match in Kanpur tonight and the Lions are ready for it. Bring it on, Delhi Daredevils! #GameMaariChhe #GLvDD pic.twitter.com/1CIXxCGm94- The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) May 10, 2017Brief Preview: With their campaign in the 2017 Indian Premier League (IPL) already done and dusted, Delhi Daredevils and Gujarat Lions will look to salvaging some pride when they clash in a league tie at the Green Park Stadium in Kanpur on Wednesday.Languishing at the penultimate spot in the standings, Delhi’s slimmest hopes of making the IPL play-offs were on Monday dashed when Sunrisers Hyderabad beat table toppers Mumbai Indians by seven wickets.With four wins and seven losses, Delhi have once again been hugely inconsistent this season. The 2012 semi-finalists had raised hopes of making it to the knockout stage after pulling off sensational wins over Sunrisers and Gujarat at the Feroz Shah Kotla. (Read Full Preview Here)last_img read more

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Dubai jobs firm dupes Indian family friends

first_imgDubai: Six Indians, including a brother-sister duo, were duped by a bogus recruitment firm in Dubai which took money from them on the pretext of providing jobs, a media report said Monday. Ishrat Fathima, an HR professional from Tamil Nadu, told Khaleej Times that she persuaded her younger brother, a cousin and three of their friends to pay Rs one lakh (around Dh 5300) to be hired by the same HR consultancy company where she worked. “I did not know it was a trap as I worked for the company for a month and they paid me my salary on time. Now my family is furious and they are all demanding money from me. But how will I cough up Rs 500,000 when I myself lost money and got cheated?” Fathima, 27, said. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from USThe woman said she came on a visit visa to Dubai on April 2018 and stayed with a family member. “I had applied for jobs online and got a call from a company called Great Channel HR consultancy. After the interview, they offered me a job for Dh2,500 plus incentives.” According to Fathima, her harrowing experience began when the company refused to stamp her employment visa and also did not pay her. “They asked me to pay Dh3,500 as a security deposit for my employment visa. I knew it was against UAE labour law but they insisted it will be reimbursed,” said the woman, who has a Business Management degree and five years’ experience as an HR professional in India. Also Read – Record number of 35 candidates in fray for SL Presidential polls”I was sent back to India on the promise that I will receive my employment visa soon. But a month later, the company asked me to come back again on visit. When I questioned them, they said the employment visa can only be stamped on my passport and refused to send a soft copy. I had no choice as I had already paid them Dh3,500.” The ordeal did not end for Fathima as even during her second visit, she was not paid any salary. “I knew things were fishy. So, finally I took up another job offer from one of their clients, and thought that was the end of all my troubles in the UAE. But I was wrong.” Fathima said she was paid her first months’s salary and was awaiting her employment visa to come through.last_img read more

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