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How Did Democrats get from Locking up ‘Superpredators’ to Defunding the Police?

first_imgIn the wake of George Floyd’s death while in police custody and the justified protests that followed, many on the left are calling for criminal justice reform and the drastic measure of defunding the police. President Trump disagrees with the left and Monday declared during a White House roundtable with members of law enforcement: The police are doing a “fantastic” job.“There won’t be defunding, there won’t be dismantling of our police and there is not going to be any disbanding of our police,” he said at the afternoon event.“We want to make sure we don’t have any bad actors in there, and sometimes, you’ll see some horrible things like we witnessed recently, but 99 — I say 99.9, but let’s go with 99% of them are great, great people, and they’ve done jobs that are record setting — record setting,” Trump said.December, 2018, President Trump signed of the First Step Act, which addresses the disparities of federal sentencing guidelines that are especially harsh on repeat black offenders. It was the Democrats during the Clinton administration that established the “three strike rule” to lock up habitual offenders for life. Many of these suspects were minorities simply guilty of committing survival crimes. Now, the Dems want to defund the police.How did the Democrats end up here? Part of the problem dates to the 1994 crime bill, which Joe Biden spearheaded, as the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and President Bill Clinton signed into law. The bill was a response to alarming rates of violent crime and the counter Republican accusations that Democrats were soft on the issue. It included an assault-weapons ban and the Violence Against Women Act, but it also imposed harsh federal sentences and mandatory “three strikes” rules. Hillary Clinton has been in public service most of her life, but during her 2016 presidential campaign she was blasted for a term she used for criminals in 1996, “superpredators,” saying that “we have to bring them to heel.” Now, nearly three decades later, Joe Biden faces his own third strike as he makes his third run for the White House. Biden must answer for his role in legislation that criminal justice experts and his critics say helped lay the groundwork for the mass incarceration that has devastated America’s black communitie“It doesn’t matter whether or not they’re the victims of society,” Mr. Biden said in 1993, adding, “I don’t want to ask, ‘What made them do this?’ They must be taken off the street.”Today’s roundtable comes on the heels of Minneapolis City Council announcing Sunday that it would disband the city’s police force in the wake of Floyd’s death and long-standing issues with police conduct.The issue of criminal justice will have a major impact on the 2020 election. The quesrion is not whether black voters will vote for Biden or Trump, bit whether they will be inspired to vote show up to the polls at all.last_img read more

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Women’s Golf Month targets new players

first_img Golf clubs and driving ranges across the country are backing England Golf’s call to make June ‘Women’s Golf Month’ and attract more females into the gameHundreds of activities for women and girls are listed on the Get into golf website – and the numbers are expected to grow.It’s all part of the #thisgirlgolfs campaign to encourage more women and girls to play the game. Currently only 14% of golf club members are female – and only 1% are girls.However, women do have a huge appetite for learning to play golf and they make just over 50% of all online bookings for Get into golf coaching courses with PGA professionals.Women’s Golf Month is building on this by promoting golf to a wide female audience with a digital advertising campaign which targets sites women visit, such as Weight Watchers, Women & Home and Mumsnet.It’s backed up with a social media campaign talking to women about a healthy, sociable sport that can easily be fitted in to a busy lifestyle.Clubs and ranges are receiving free advice and guidance on running successful events to attract women and can buy a Get into golf promotional marketing pack for just £99.Lauren Spray, England Golf’s Women & Girls’ Participation Manager, said: “We’ve had a great response to Women’s Golf Month and, through our promotional campaign, we’re reaching women and girls who have never thought about trying golf. We can promise them that it’s a great sport and we look forward to welcoming them to golf.”Women’s Golf Month is the latest in a series of England Golf initiatives to grow the women’s game.A pilot project involving 140 clubs in 16 counties is testing ways to recruit and retain women by offering activities and opportunities which specifically meet their need and wants. This pilot project makes use of the England Golf women’s factsheets which are available to all clubs by clicking hereGirls Golf Rocks, a joint venture by England Golf and the Golf Foundation, was trialled in Essex and is now running in nine counties, with over 500 girls taking taster sessions and 420 going on to take coaching courses.In addition, the national launch of GolfExpress promotes the nine-hole game and shows that golf can fit into a busy lifestyle. Visit Get Into Golff for nine-hole opportunities, green fees and offers.The video campaign #thisgirlgolfs challenges perceptions and inspire participation, featuring women and girls from all over the country and from different walks of life and backgrounds who enjoy golf for many reasons and fit it into their everyday lives.Clubs and ranges can visit www.englandgolf.org/clubhouse for more information on ways to support Women’s Golf Month and to attract more female players and members.Image © Leaderboard Photography 10 Jun 2016 Women’s Golf Month targets new players last_img read more

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