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Call to Action to protect environmental journalists

first_imgNews Organisation At the UN Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen, 14 international, regional and national press freedom organisations are calling on world leaders to protect environmental journalists and give them access to the information they need to cover climate change and the environment.With an increasing number of violent attacks on journalists covering environmental and climate change issues, there is an urgent need for action. At a press briefing today, International Media Support, Reporters Without Borders, Internews and International Institute for Environment and Development on behalf of all the signatories presented a call to action stating:”Media and press freedom organisations call on the world’s leaders to reaffirm their pledge to Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration and Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and urge all governments to practice transparency in access to information and to protect journalists reporting on environmental issues and climate change.”The signing organisations insist that the media must be free to report on environmental issues if the world is to address the challenge of climate change. By serving as a watchdog on recalcitrant governments, the media expose the corruption, nepotism and negligence that obstruct efforts to protect the environment. Journalists are also crucial in efforts to raise awareness and meet the Rio Declaration’s objective of engaging and involving the general public in decision-making.Speaking at the press briefing today, Jesper Højberg, Director of International Media Support, said:- The media play a key role in engaging the public in the fight against climate change through their stories and research. Their work also helps to maintain pressure on governments to keep their promises to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.Vincent Brossel, Head of the Asia desk of Reporters Without Borders, said:- Some country delegations here in Copenhagen should explain why in their respective countries, journalists and activists investigating environmental issues are jailed, beaten, threatened or censored.- If Uzbekistan, Russia, China, Burma or Indonesia, for example, do not respect the right of their media to inform on such crucial issues, how we can expect them to really commit to fight the climate change?James Fahn, Global Director of Internews Earth Journalism Network, added:-When climate change reporters move into the field and cover illegal logging and pollution, they face dangers similar to their colleagues covering the crime beat.To see or download the call to action, visit: www.i-m-s.dkContacts:International Media Support: Lotte Dalhmann +45 25543541, email: [email protected] Without Borders: Vincent Brossel +33 1 4483 8470, email: [email protected]: Saya Oka +45 3048 7597, email: [email protected] Related documents Call of CopenhagenPDF – 282.3 KB Help by sharing this information RSF_en December 11, 2009 – Updated on January 25, 2016 Call to Action to protect environmental journalistslast_img read more

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first_imgFor supermarkets, short and efficient supply chains must be the ultimate ’gold standard’ to aim for. This week, Sainsbury’s announced a brand new initiative on bakery, sourcing wheat from a UK farmers’ co-operative (pg 4). It is an admirable way of supporting British farmers and lowering the carbon footprint, while achieving the longer-term aim of dispensing with Canadian wheat.Sainsbury’s research shows that customers want to know provenance. So the wheat, harvested within a 30-mile radius of East Anglia’s breadbasket, helps to fulfil that criterion.The ’local sourcing’ message has been around for some time, but is gaining ground, and Sainsbury’s has found an original way to deliver on the bakery front. Years ago, we used to emphasise ’Buy British’. The EU has tried to make that unfashionable and would like to impose an EU label but there has been strong opposition, from the French in particular!Sainsbury’s has also launched a British Flour Develop-ment Group, designed to drive efficiency and discuss everything from pesticide use to other environmental issues. Personally, I have always lamented the fact there is little alternative to organic and non-organic, believing that there should be a middle ground of ’natural’, which should include pesticide-free, and no use of chemical fertilisers, for example. The only problem would be policing it.Meanwhile, the issue of 18% Capital Gains tax to be levied on small businesses, removing taper relief, just won’t go away. Congratulations to the CBI and others for their continued lobbying of both government and the media; that is the only way to get noticed. As Edmund Burke once said: “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” But this tax increase is the latest in a series of punitive measures to undermine small companies – never mind the knock-on effects of the minimum wage and increasing business rates and rents.Our feature on pg 14 looks at how French bakers thrive alongside supermarkets. British businesses simply do not get the same local authority support as those in Europe, where local councils are fiercely protective of local shops, while still supporting the supermarkets. The EU interferes and imposes legislation in some areas, while totally ignoring it in others. There’s no rhyme or reason to it at all.last_img read more

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