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Watch the Fastest Nerf Gun Ever in Super Slow Motion

first_imgThe Nerf Hyperfire is the fastest Nerf gun yet, at least according to Hasbro. And at $50, it better be. It’s a motorized Nerf assault rifle, similar to the Stampede and Rapidstrike. It uses a flywheel, so you need to spin it up by holding the secondary trigger for a few seconds, but after that just hold down the trigger and it will keep firing until the magazine is empty (and it comes with a 25-round drum magazine).Hasbro says the Hyperfire can launch 25 darts in five seconds, or five darts a second. We decided to put that to the test with science and video technology. We used a GoPro Hero5 Black to film the Hyperfire at 240 frames per second (recorded in 720p, with some graininess because we shot it indoors using a narrow field of view mode to support the high-speed recording) to find out just how fast the Hyperfire can fire. We also slowed the footage down to 1/8th speed, because it looks cool seeing every dart fly out of the gun in slow motion at 30 frames per second.The verdict? Yeah, it emptied its magazine in 00:05:15. That’s close enough to five seconds to count in our book. This Nerf gun is a beast. Of course, it’s a beast that uses six D batteries and weighs 3.5 pounds unloaded. But yes, this is the new fastest Nerf gun yet, and it’s tiny compared to the tripod-mounted beasts Hasbro has put out in the past, like the double-barreled Rhinofire and the belt-fed Vulcan (which remains a personal favorite, because it’s a freaking belt-fed Nerf gun on a tripod).Hasbro might have reached peak Nerf speed at this point since there’s only so much force you can put behind a foam dart before it just explodes. That’s probably why Hasbro’s next line of guns emphasizes accuracy over speed. And we’ll check out those in their final versions this spring when the Accustrike Alphahawk, Falconfire, Focusfire, and sharpstrike come out.last_img read more

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Red Alert 2 Gets Recreated in Unreal Engine 4 Looks Great in

first_imgStay on target British Airways Tests VR Entertainment on Select First-Class FlightsGeek Pick: HP Reverb Is Clear-Eyed Virtual Reality Today may be a rough for some of us out there, but this story is something that should put a smile on your face. Someone has recreated the classic Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 in Unreal Engine 4. That alone would be enough, but to sweeten the deal, this person has posted of video of the game being played on the HTC Vive.The person responsible for this is Ádám Horváth. He is an Unreal Engine developer who is known for creating a virtual mirror for trying on clothes. He has recreated only a tiny slice of Red Alert 2 in UE4, but even this small taste is enough to impress those of us who played this game back in the day.Of course, the real highlight of this video is that Red Alert 2 is being played on an HTC Vive. Real Time Strategy Games seem like a natural fit for VR, and this video proves why. Horváth uses the Vive controllers to control what he does in the game. One hand controls units on the battlefield, and the other holds an in-game tablet that can be pointed at to construct troops and buildings.Modern virtual reality gaming is still in its infancy but videos like this help to show the potential the medium has beyond fancy tech demos. Seeing a tried and true gaming genre work so well in VR should give proponents of the technology hope that it won’t be just another quickly forgotten fad. Let’s hope that developers look at this video and begin to get ideas about how to bring compelling RTS experiences to VR in the future.last_img read more

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